Today, most employers are searching for a workforce that has mastered its skills in particular trades. According to Robert Greene, they are searching for people who are simply the best at what they do. He indicates that it is possible to achieve mastery. It will require that you learn a lot about life and yourself too. He indicates that people who were protected too much as children are unable to become the best in life because they were not taught to fight for themselves. Robert indicates that the road to full mastery of a skill or a set of skills is paved with a whole lot of distractions. These are things that can easily take your attention away from your own strengths. These distractions are naysayers and low self-confidence. He advises that you should ignore them to acheive your goal of mastery.

The obstacle is the way

This is a book that is refreshing to read. Professional athletes, business people and even celebrities normally read it for its gems of wisdom. In the book, Ryan Holiday indicates that the obstacle in your life is actually the way forward. He discusses philosophers, stoics and how to work on yourself. Ryan indicates that hope can actually be a way of thinking. Bad things happening to us are simply guidelines for the future. Moreover, the best challenges are the impossible ones.

The Talent Code

Scientific research indicates that we are actually born with very little in terms of mental capability. However, we can grow it into a lot. This book is written by Daniel Coyle and it indicates how our brains are wired. It shows that we can improve them over time. Moreover, they are powerful engines that grow and change with every passing second. Thus, we can take advantage of this nature and improve our brains to achieve optimum performance.


This is a business book that can change your life if you are into enterprise. Its author Shane Snow shows you how to find some smart cuts. These are shorter paths to your goals that are otherwise impossible to see. The book inspires you to avoid the beaten path and chart a new one of your own. In the hugely interconnected world of today, the smartcuts around us are numerous and effective.

The mastery of love

Love is an amazing feeling. However, there can be some challenges in one's relationship. Whenever they arise, some wise counsel is a balm for the pain and a marker to show you the direction to follow. This book written by Don Miguel Ruiz is one of those that can show you how to love, be loved and handle emotions in 2017.

Why didn't they teach me this in school?

Money is an important resource that we all need to get and also maintain. It is important to know how it handle it and deal with any problems that might emerge with it. This book has some basic skills that you can use to manage your money and guarantee a rich, prosperous 2017.

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This book teaches us that there are only two types of people. Those who have a growth mindset and others who have a fixed one. The people who have a fixed mindset think that what you are born with is what you are stuck with for life. On the other hand, growth mindset people believe that you can grow your vision and mindset exponentially. Moreover, the true magnitude of your mindset cannot be determined because it is infinite. Carol Dweck wrote this book to teach us that we can achieve anything that we desire to by adopting the right mindset.

Wired to Create

Some of us are artists working in the creative industry. All creatively inclined people face the same problem every once in a while. This problem is getting a creative block. This is where the creative juice runs out and we are unable to create. This book can show you how to overcome the block and continue to create amazing works through a practical perspective.

How to be a person in the world

This is a book written by Heather Havrilesky. It is full of gems of wisdom about how to find yourself and make a difference where you are. Many of her tips can be applied in your personal, professional or even social life. The author is actually an advice columnist. Therfore, the book is written in a loving, empathetic way to prepare you for 2017.

Better & Faster

Jeremy Gutsche indicates that if you are in this world, you should not seek to do something that is simple. This is because there are many people who can do the same for a much lower cost. You should find something to do which will make you stand out. He indicates that you can stand out by operating faster than other people. Moreover, you should be able to adapt much faster than your competition. Create a framework and get yourself ready for positive change in 2017 by reading this book.

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