Conscious Capitalism

This book has been written by John Mackey, Rajendra Sisodia and it tackles the concept of having a capitalist system which is conscious of the needs of the human beings affected by business. John Mackey is the Co-CEO of the Whole Foods chain of supermarkets in the USA. This chain of supermarkets has a unique policy in terms of running a supermarket. No one is better than the other in their system. The executives receive the same amount of benefits as the cashiers. It stresses that if you are a manager, you should seek to create an equal rights situation in 2017.

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Execution is the strategy

Thus book is written by Laura Stack. She indicates that more often than not, people get caught up too much in discussing strategy than actually doing anything worthwhile. Having had experience in strategic planning, Laura indicates that coming up with a strategy is not even the important part. The most crucial part is to actually execute it. She encourages strategizing on your feet as you execute your plan in real time.

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David and Goliath

Written by Malcolm Gladwell, this is a book which indicates that it is actually good to be an underdog. He points out situations where some countries were heavily bombed in the World Wars and eventually emerged victorious. The author also analyzes the biblical tale of David and Goliath and shows that the same strengths we perceive giants having are also their greatest sources of weakness. Read this book and don't be afraid to be the underdog.

The Virgin way

There are many books for entrepreneurs out there. The Virgin Way is one of the most inspiring of them. It is written by one of the most successful businesspeople in the world, Richard Branson. This guy is crazy and highly creative. However, there are moments where he indicates a human side of him that shows he is not perfect. Thus, he indicates that you should not feel as though you need to be perfect to succeed, just do your best with your strengths.

Steve Jobs

The late Steve Jobs is one of the top visionaries in the world. In this book, Walter Isaacson describes how Jobs revolutionalized the computer technology industry. He created the world of smart devices and motivated others to follow in his path. Many words are used to describe him. They include wild, crazy, tyrant and a visionary. This book describes how Steve was stubborn yet was able to deliver amazing results.

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Written by Scott Sonenshein, this is a book that indicates how to take advantage of the science of resourcefulness. This is a science that shows you how to use what you have to get the most out of life instead of seeking to get more and more. Scott teaches the value of restraint. This is a valuable skill to have in 2017.

Madame President

This is a book that documents the life of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. New York Times journalist Helene Cooper describes the life of the first female president who was democratically elected. The writer grew up in Liberia and indicates the story of the Nobel Peace Prize winning president. She describes the leadership qualities of one of the only female presidents anywhere in the world.

Gorbachev: His Life and Times

Lots of successful CEOs around the world have indicated that they learn the most about leadership by reading the biographies of historical individuals. They learn how it goes well and how it can go wrong. This prepares them to play a leadership role in their own establishments. This book written by William Taubman describes the life of one of the most significant leaders of the 20th century. If you want to learn how to be a strong and resolute leader in times of trial and triumph, this is a book you should read in 2017.

Why zebras don't get ulcers

If you live a high stress life, this is the book that you should invest in for 2017. Written by Robert M. Sapolsky, it is a book that shows you how stress can make you sick physically. It also gives you some solutions to deal with stress in the modern world. Stress is ruling and ruining many lives today. Get out of the rat race and live a more peaceful life in 2017 by reading this book.

My life, my love, my legacy

One of the most inspiring figures in the world is Dr. Martin Luther King. He was a famous civil rights leader among the African American community in the 1960's. He was assasinated and no one felt the effects more than his wife, Coretta King. This book is about her life and how she was inspired to love him and maintain strength after his untimely death. She wrote it before she died in 2006.

The Important Take Away

Books are a source of knowledge that we can convert into wisdom. They contain information which we can use to improve our lives for the better. The books indicated above can bring this into your life this year. Reading them is informative and can help you to experience an amazing year.