In Business to Business (B2B) marketing, conversions are the main producer of revenue. Online marketers perform lead generation campaigns for the purpose of generating these conversions. They lead to business deals and eventually, revenue. However, this is all easier said than done. B2B marketers across the globe agree that it is challenging to transform leads into customers. In addition to that, a quarter of them have no idea about the lead conversion rate of their websites. It is very important to apply a B2B marketing strategy that drives a successful campaign. This should boost the lead conversion rate so that your visitors end up becoming loyal customers. Here are 10 things that will boost your lead conversion rate.

Perform some A/B testing 

Also known as split testing, it is a method of increasing the conversion rate of your website. One of the elements of a website that grabs the attention of the visitors is the web page headline. This can either captivate the visitor or bore them. The goal is to keep them interested in your website long enough to be convinced into buying your product or service. You can use A/B testing to find out the most effective headlines for your website. The process begins with making two versions of your web page. They can be named pages A and B. Each page has a different headline and you want to find out which one is more captivating. After that, you can apply a special software to direct 50% of your traffic to one page and the rest to the other. Each page has a call to action. After a set period of time, you can look at how many visitors took the call from each page. The one which has more conversions wins and you can proceed to make it your main one.

Establish a value proposition that is clear

A value proposition is the fundamental reason why a potential customer should buy a product from you. It is important to create one that is brief but effective. It should be unique from the ones being used by your competition. Also, it should highlight an element of value which you can provide that is important to the buyer. Ensure that you display it in your landing page. This is one of the most effective ways to boost your lead conversion rate.

Create a funnel for sales

One of the reasons for low lead conversion rates is trying to sell the product or service too quickly. Visitors to your page might be simply browsing with no intention to buy at the moment. Therefore, you need to capture their attention and then slowly guide them into making a purchase. For example, software companies provide the users with a trial before requiring that the customer buy the complete product to continue enjoying its capability. This creates trust between you and the customer. After this, they are more likely to make a purchase. Another way to establish a sales funnel is providing detailed information about your product niche in your website. Also, provide videos and multimedia which visitors can download for free. In addition to that, provide legitimate reasons to sign up fo your email list. Together, these strategies can establish a solid sales funnel and boost lead conversion rates.

Keep the language simple

As you develop content for your website, make sure it is simple and easy to understand. For example, ensure that your value proposition is clear and easy to comprehend. Do not use technical jargon in it. The visitors to your website are regular folk who might know nothing about the technical terms of your business. Therefore, tell them what you have, how it can help them and why they should purchase it in simple, clear statements. This is a surefire way to boost your lead conversion rates.

Nurture your leads

This is an activity where you interact with your leads before you ask them to buy something from you. Lead nurturing helps to create a rapport between you and your potential customers. This interaction causes them to trust you before they commit to purchasing your products. There is some software that can help to perform this task automatically. However, you can take full control and nurture your leads with strategies such as social media interaction and personalizing the emails that you send to them. These activities make your business seem empathetic and every visitor wants to buy from a company which cares about them.

Establish lofty standards for lead quality

Industry experts indicate that establishing a high level of lead quality is the number 1 priority of B2B marketing professionals. Traditionally, the focus was on lead quantity. Today, the quality is more important. To apply this in your business, simply get the sales and the marketing teams together. After that, establish a joint plan that identifies and categorizes leads as they come in. Suitable categories can be Marketing Qualified (MQ), Sales Qualified (SQ), Sales Ready (SR) and Sales Accepted Leads (SAL). After this, assign characteristic to each type and identify which category is of the highest quality. In this way, you will be able to sift through all the leads that come to your business and pick out the ones that require the most intense attention to convert them into customers.

Create a scoring system for leads

One of the ways to gauge performance is by awarding points. To boost lead conversion, you can award points to your leads and dedicate devoted attention to the highest performers. This helps you to know which leads are ready for sales. Simply come up with a scoring system that awards points to leads based on characteristics such as the size of the customer company and its industry. Other features that can be used in this endeavor are the actions that the lead has taken for example signing up to email lists and sharing your pages in their social media. When a lead scores high, it is ready for sales.

Shorten the time it takes to follow up on your leads

When a potential customer contacts you for more information about your product, you should respond to them as quickly as you can. These customers normally expect a rapid response to their queries. When you follow up on their concerns in a timely manner they begin to trust your reliability and are more likely to convert into a customer. One of the ways to ensure that they build trust with you is placing the name of a real person in the email reply that you send to the potential customer. Humanizing the communication puts the lead at ease and prompts a conversion.

Go beyond their expectations

The way that you interact with your leads shows how you plan to interact with them as customers. The process of how you interact with them during the early stages of nurturing the leads and guiding them to purchase is very sensitive. It is important to ensure that you give them the best attention that you can. This is especially so if the lead fits the profile of your ideal customer. Examples of ways through which you can go above and beyond include providing them with relevant information about the product or service that they hope to buy or even by providing them with summaries of relevant webinars. Put your lead first and they will notice and reward your effort. This is one of the most effective ways of boosting your lead conversion rate. 

Make an effort to understand your leads and what motivates them

The motivations for purchase are very important to discover and comprehend. They can tell you exactly what a lead wants from you as the seller. The way to discover these motivations is by staying in touch with them. Avoid being annoying. Instead, be polite and you will eventually find your lead when they are in their buying cycle. When this time comes, you can deliver the information or product that they need and convert them from a lead to a customer.

The Important Take Away

Converting leads into customers is a very important Business to Business (B2B) process. A small increase in the conversion rate can result in a huge increase in revenue. The tips above can help you to boost this rate and chart a plan of success for your business.