One of the most respected pioneers in the field of space innovation, science and technology is Dr. Peter H. Diamandis. He has international respect and was named among the top 50 leaders worldwide by Fortune Magazine. Dr. Diamandis founded the X-PRIZE Foundation. This is an organization that has its focus on private spaceflight. As a matter of fact, the organization oversees a $10 million Ansari XPRIZE for innovations in this field. With his experience and wide knowledge, Dr. Diamandis has written bestseller books too. Two of his most famous titles are “Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think” and “BOLD”. Well known as a driver of development, here are 10 lessons we learned from Peter H. Diamandis on bold thinking and innovative ideas. 

When you are told no, begin at a higher level

In a case where someone tells you no after you have made a request to them, simply begin again at a level that is higher than them. Doing this shows your awareness that this person is not empowered to tell you yes. Dr. Diamandis faced a series of no’s from the bureaucrats when he was trying to get FAA approval for zero gravity flight operations that were designed for the general public. This was until he made a direct request to the director of the FAA who gave him a resounding yes. Therefore, if you get a no for your innovative idea, go a bit higher in the food chain and you will eventually get a yes.

Patience is good but persistence is better

Persistence is described as the ability to keep going no matter who tells you it is not going to work. It can take many years of persistence before an idea works. For example, Dr. Diamandis practiced persistence for over 10 years to get his companies and organizations approved. Therefore, it is important for you to be strong and struggle as you work towards your ambitions. Any innovative dream which is big or bold requires sufficient persistence for it to work.

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Set big, bold goals for yourself

A study conducted by Latham and Locke indicated that setting a goal for yourself increases your productivity by between 11% and 25%. This goal can take the form of an extra 2 hours of work every day for the purpose of developing a certain idea. However, setting big goals for yourself can really increase your rate of performance. Dr. Diamandis indicates that a big goal can outperform a small one, a medium one or even a vague one. As long as you are ready to act on it and be persistent, a big bold goal can transform your output for the better.

Replace the squeaky wheel in your organization

Some of the most abundant resources in our world today are talent, technology and skills. Therefore, if you have an employee or a partner in your organization who is not working at their optimal best and is dragging the rest of you backward with him, simply get rid of them and find someone else to fit their place. It is more beneficial to spend your time working with an excellent team than fixing the issues of one individual who is squeaky and dragging you down.

Create an organization that is built for speed

Nowadays, it is quite easy to start and build your own company. One major aspect of a company is its management style and growth strategy. Dr. Diamandis indicates that you should create one that has autonomy, purpose and mastery as the characteristics of its management and growth plans. Thanks to technology, the business world is moving very fast. As such, your company must be agile enough to compete in this sector. Traditionally, companies grew slowly and were actually encouraged to do so. This form of development would be a disadvantage today. Thus, be bold and challenge the old way of thinking and construct a company that grows and evolves quickly. 

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The most ideal way to tell what will happen in future is actually creating it yourself

According to Dr. Diamandis, the future is created by our actions today. It is not written by someone else but is a result of our actions and ideas. Dr. Diamandis lives his life in this way. He wants a future where space mining is a reality. Therefore he was co-founder of Planetary Resources. He also envisions a future where he can enjoy a long and healthy life. Therefore, he was one of the founders of Human Longevity Inc. As such, embrace and enact your innovative ideas and shape your future.

Bold ideas create breakthroughs

Dr. Diamandis indicates that breakthroughs in any field are preceded by bold ideas. Do not be afraid to buck expert counsel. In addition to that, you should not be afraid to take massive risks. When living out this line of thinking, you are highly likely to fail and this will happen often. Thus, do not be afraid of failure too. One way of eliminating this fear is having a plan to mitigate these failures if they happen.

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Be passionate and committed to pursue your ideas

Now more than any other time in the past, a person can come up with a bold idea and decide to pursue it. The technology, capital and minds that are necessary to bring this idea to fruition are all around us. Therefore, all that is required is the ambition, persistence and passion to take a challenge and pursue it. In addition to that, there are individuals who are ready to commit massive amounts of capital to fund the development of bold ideas. Therefore, if you have one, do not be afraid to pursue it.

The greatest motivator is the desire to transform our lives

In business and management, there are many methods of motivating the workforce. A good example if these is the carrot-and-stick method of motivation. This is where employees are told that they will get a reward for good performance and a punishment for bad performance. This method of motivation works but has the potential to frustrate employees. This leads to average output. Dr. Diamandis proposes a bolder approach to motivating them. This is known as intrinsic motivation. One should motivate their employees to complete their tasks for the purpose of expanding their own abilities and achieve personal purpose. This leads to excellent and amazing output.

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When you have a choice between two options, take both 

Throughout the process of growing up, we have been told by the society, our parents and even our teachers that whenever we have to pick between two options, we can only pick one. Well, Dr. Diamandis teaches that we have the freedom to pick both. Two of the main choices that face young adults are the option to go to graduate school or begin your own company. According to the doctor, you can do both. He started a company while in school. Many other successful people also did the same for example Steve Jobs and Richard Branson. Thus, whenever you are presented with two options, pick both. This way, you double your chances of success in your innovative ideas.

The Important Take Away

Being one of the 50 greatest leaders in the world is no small feat. Dr. Diamandis has impressed and excelled in the fields of technology, science and space travel. His knowledge and experience makes him a prime source of advice on all matters of life. His most crucial pieces of advice on innovative ideas and how to face life in a bold manner are indicated above. They are nuggets of wisdom that can transform your life positively.