With 18 books under his belt, Seth Godin is an accomplished author. These books have been translated into more than 35 different languages all over the world. Examples of these books are the Purple Cow, Tribes, Linchpin and All Marketers Are Liars. His books cover topics such as leadership, marketing, how ideas are spread, how to avoid quitting as well as how to change everything about your life. Not only does Seth Godin write, he also speaks at functions and in conferences. In addition to that, he has founded Squidoo and Yoyodyne. An inductee into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame, Seth Godin is definitely a guru in all things marketing. Here are 10 mind blowing lessons we learned from Seth Godin on marketing.

Marketing is an art

According to Seth Godin, marketing is a great art. Thanks to technology, we can now market in many more ways than just advertising campaigns. By using tools such as social media, marketers can inform the people about services and products. They can come up with content that delivers information about the products or services on offer in a personalized way that focuses on real people. This is an art that marketers can learn and master.

We can create value through marketing

We can create and maintain brand value through marketing. A company can create trust among its customers by informing them about its promises and keeping them too. It can go further and establish expected levels of performance. Marketers can employ creativity, education, inspiration and entertainment in their daily exploits. By doing this, they can connect the company with its target market successfully and form a lasting, productive bond.

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Failure indicates progress

Many people around the world are not comfortable with failure. This is especially so those who work in the business sector. The biggest lesson that marketers can learn is how to recover from failure. Developing an attitude where one is ready to try new things and accept failure is highly liberating. Marketers should be ready and willing to try out some new methods of going about their activities. Despite the uncharted territory, this is highly advisable because if they win, they will be pioneers with little to no competition. If they lose, they still learn something new.

Ensure high quality products and services

The market is awash with mediocre goods. A company can distinguish itself by offering services and products that are of excellent quality. This allows its marketers to use this characteristic as a selling point while interacting with the customers. It also inspires the marketers to utilize high quality methods of marketing. This goes a long way in ensuring overall success in the organization.

Dance with your fear of failing

We all deal with some fear whenever we are trying out something new. Stepping out of your comfort zone means that you are exposed to unknown situations and circumstances that you might not be ready for. This elicits fear. Marketers experience this when they are trying out a new marketing model, product or service. They hear that little voice of fear that lurks in the back of all our minds. This fear kills many more dreams than any other thing in the world. Seth indicates that you have to dance with it so as to achieve success. Remind yourself that it is not a life or death situation. If your effort fails, it won't result in death. Accept that failure is a possibility and mitigate it to your best ability. After that, step out of your comfort zone and think outside the box.

Learn about permission marketing

Marketers have to ask themselves a very important question. Would their clients miss them if they were gone? If the new service or product did not hit the shelves successfully, would the customers miss them? If the answer is yes, then you have achieved the permission of your customers to enter and make a difference in their lives. This is the mentality that every marketer should have as they perform their job.

 Make sure that your method of marketing is relevant to the times

We live in a global village. Thanks to technology, people are more connected now than they ever have been. This means that trends change very fast. As a marketer, its highly important to stay aware of these trends. People want to see and learn about products in a language and form that they can understand. Thus, as you pick marketing media, pick the ones that are modern and popular. Also remember that you choice of these methods is also guided by your target market.

Strive to be remarkable

Seth Godin indicates that it is relatively easy to do something that can be noticed by people. However, when you do something and it gets people telling others about it, this is being remarkable. When they are generating ideas and plans of action, marketers should strive to be remarkable and memorable. Not only can you get people talking about your product or service, you can determine what they are talking about. Thus, marketers should create ideas that inspire specific conversations that work to their advantage and that of the company.

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Variety always wins

People are different. What is good for one may not be good for the other. Therefore, as you market your products and services, it is important to diversify the methods of delivery. Ensure that you have some print media, video footage, audio, animations, pictures and even posters all communicating your marketing message. Distribute them according to the different types of people you have in your target market. This ensures that the message hits home.

Simplicity is the highest form of class

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the service was so good that you almost didn't notice it? They were so smooth and elegant that they did not interrupt any conversations that you were having with your guest. This is the type of presentation that Seth Godin encourages. Marketers should deliver their messages in such a way that their target market does not feel as if they are being forced to buy something. They should feel comfortably guided to make a purchase and stay loyal. When brainstorming marketing ideas, marketers should come up with ways in which they can guarantee this form of delivery.

The Important Take Away

Seth Godin is one of the foremost minds on marketing. His lessons can transform a marketing department if they are applied and executed properly. Seth keeps them easy to understand and highly relevant to today's business environment. Read, learn and apply these lessons to become a master marketer.