One of the most exciting and promising frontiers of technology today is Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is a field in computer science which deals with the development of machines and programs that are so intelligent that they can work and behave like humans. It is growing more popular important in the industry of technology with every passing day. To achieve AI and apply it in the various sectors of modern life, extensive and highly technical reseach is required. Moreover, specialized programming is also performed. In AI, knowledge engineering is done so as to make the machines act, reason and react like humans. Major strides have been performed in this field of computer science. Some of the AI technologies being developed are bound to create tremendous changes in various industries today. Here are 12 industries which are going to be completely disrupted by AI.

Personal assistance

There are various programs and applications already out which deal with personal assisance. Examples of these are Siri and Warren. These are programs that can accurately answer the questions which you ask them. They understand natural language and give you answers in a form that you can undestand. Moreover, they are accurate and can live in your smartphone, tablet or computer. Artificially intelligent personal assistance is being applied in various sectors. Examples of these are daily life, the medical sector, finance and engineering. AI assistant programs are bound to disrupt the entire industry of personal assistance in the near future.

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Medical diagnosis and medication prescription

One of the applications of AI today is medical diagnosis. There are intelligent programs which can diagnose diseases and conditions in patients based on their symptoms and collaborating reports. The AI programs are able to listen to symptoms and analyze medical reports such as X rays, ultrasounds, MRIs and CT scans. With this information at hand, the AI program can diagnose any diseases and prescribe medication.This sort of AI program is capable of replacing pharmacists and doctors in the future.

Business to business processes and interaction

Thanks to the Internet and computer networking, businesses can transact with each other. They can perform sales, collaborations, customer care, affiliate marketing, mergers and niche creation with each other. For these business processes to occur, a lot of data requires processing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently being developed to facilitate this processing by companies such as LeadGenius. They have an AI program which is capable of analyzing various resources on the Internet such as directories, agencies of credit, websites and filings from governments for relevant information to facilitate B2B transactions. It proceeds to clean, categorize and enrich the data. With this knowledge, it can respond to emails, sort through responses, service orders and seek payments automatically.

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Arithmetic analysis

Numbers are a major part of modern data reports. They are evident in fields such as the stock market, sports and banking. However, the numbers can become too many to follow and report on even with the assistance of computer applications. Thus, AI researchers have developed a program which is capable of analyzing millions of numbers in seconds to create comprehensive reports which are brief and accurate. An example of such a program is Quill which has been developed by Narrative Science. It is able to automatically analyse numbers and write reports for fields such as the stock market.


The law is a big part of modern life. It extends from the courthouse and into our lives. We need legal documents for various purposes. These ones are normally drafted by lawyers for us. However, the lawyers can be very expensive or simply out of our financial reach. Thankfully, there is an AI program that is under development which is able to create legal letters for clients automatically. By relying on a comprehensive legal knowledge base, this program is able to create letters and reports to help in handling day to day life or business. The process is bound to be more affordable and definitely much quicker than traditional lawyers. It is going to be a major disruptive technology in the field of law.

Professional scheduling

In the world of professional business, one of the most commonly performed activities is scheduling meetings. Normally, this is done personally or by a personal assistant. Today, AI technology is seeking to automate this. There is an AI program known as Amy which users can paste into their emails. When they are sending emails to schedule a meeting with each other, they can suggest the time when they are free and paste Amy into the email. After that, the program compares these times, identifies the time when the users will both be free and schedules the meeting for them in their calendars. The process takes seconds and is a major step forward in scheduling.

The Manufacturing industry

This was one of the first industries to embrace artificial intelligence through their robot infrastruture. Manufacturers have used robots for decades to perform the assembly and packaging tasks in their industrial plants. This technology is being taken to the next level by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI). It can be applied so as to make the robots assemble items which are much more complex such as electronics. They can also be given the ability to travel out of the plant and assemble projects such as homes. Over time, artificially intelligent robots could replace electronic engineers and construction workers causing major disruption in these industries.

Provision of customer service

One of the most important tasks that every company should perform is customer service. They need to respond to the queries of customers and listen to their concerns. Traditionally, human resources have been used to provide this service. However, Artificial Intelligence is going to take over this sector too. Companies such as DigitalGenius are creating programs that can understand user questions, interpret them and give relevant responses. These intelligent programs are able to recognize human speech patterns and respond in any language the user prefers. When fully adopted, intelligent programs are bound to disrupt the industry of customer service across the world.

The transportation industry

One of the backbone industries of development today is transportation. It involves the movement of people and goods from one spot to the other. Ever since the inception of the motor vehicle, transportation has had a human driver behind the wheel. Today, Artificial Intelligence is taking over the task of driving by making driverless cars possible. By using computers to drive cars, human resources can be directed to other tasks. Moreover, accidents can be reduced, congestion lowered and energy costs can drop too. Companies such as Tesla, Google and Uber are currently exploring the world of intelligent driverless cars. 


Robots are slowly but steadily being incorporated in operating rooms across the world. The same capability and efficiency that they have demonstrated in assembly plants is being exploited in surgery. By making use of laser-guided precision, robots are being used to perform surgery. This concept has been proven true by the Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (STAR) which was able to perform suturing and stitching in an operating room while relying on its own knowledge base, tools and laser vision. Thus, robots are bound to take over operating rooms and disrupt the surgery industry.

The insurance industry

An interesting disruption which is bound to happen is that of the insurance industry. By making use of intelligent devices to monitor you, insurance companies can analyze your behavior and decide whether or not to give you discounts on your premiums. This application of Artificial Intelligence is currently being used by the Progressive insurance company. They place a monitoring device inside the cars of their clients to monitor their driving habits. If they are safe and responsible drivers, they get to enjoy discounts. Health insurers are heading the same way by having their clients wear intelligent devices that can monitor health features such as blood pressure, heart rate and levels of daily activity. If you are health-conscious, you ge to enjoy a discount on your health insurance premiums.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently being applied in education. Computer programs have been developed which are able to give students a personalized learning experience. Every student is unique and we all learn at different paces. Therefore, the technology is being used to create personalized education programs for every student. The AI programs are able to analyze the emotional response of the students, monitor their daily performance and administer new information according to the learning ability of the students in question.

The Important Take Away

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of our world. Technology has already been incorporated in every sector of industry. By adding smart computers in the ways indicated above, we can create automation, high speed data analysis and autonomous operation. This can make life easier by allowing workers to concentrate on other activities and invest their time wisely.