14. Chart your own path and do not follow the crowd

Many people live their lives by following the paths of successful individuals that they idolize. Some leaders do this too and simply become mediocre reflections of the leadership that was there before them. Break the monotony and pioneer your own method of leadership. Be different and unique. This will attract people to you and will give your team a sense of identity. It will also make you a great leader.

15. Have the courage to say no

We all have experiences where we said yes yet we truly wished to say no. It is very easy to say yes and quite difficult to say no. As a leader, it is important to know when to say no. It empowers you and helps you to focus your energy on the things that matter most to you and your team.

16. Know your team

A leader is only as good as their team. Every individual in the team is unique. Therefore, you should make steps to understand each one of them. Discover their strengths and their weaknesses. In this way, you are able to leverage each team member's strengths as you delegate tasks.

17. Be a pillar of hope during dark times

Every team experiences failure of some sort during their journey to success. Sometimes, everything goes wrong and the team gets demoralized. At this point, you have to motivate your team. It is your duty as a leader. You have to show and communicate hope. Come up with an ambitious strategy and get your team back on its feet. The true measure of a leader is seen when times are tough.

18. Be disciplined

One of the qualities of a great leader is discipline. It is emphasized in the military for good reason. Discipline creates consistency and leads to results. Be a disciplined leader and your team will be inspired to do the same.

19. Be a problem solver

If you want to win the hearts of your team and other stakeholders, be a problem solver. Find solutions when your team faces a challenge. It is always better to be the person that solves problems than the one who is good at their work.

20. Be slow to punish and quick to reward

We are not perfect. One of your team members will make a mistake. When this happens, do not perform quick judgment. Be patient with them and listen to their case. Help them make amends and give second chances. This is how to build loyalty within your team.

21. Be creative and encourage it among your team

To be a great leader, you need to give your team the freedom to explore and express themselves through their work. Have an open mind to the suggestions that your team gives. Consider them and develop them according to your own understanding. This prevents boredom and complacency from developing in your workplace.

22. Show your team how to do things, don't just tell them

It is always better to lead by example than by direction. Demonstrate to your team how you want things done. By taking time to coach them, your team will feel that you care to give them attention. This will lead to excellent results.

23. Don't micro-manage your team

Once you delegate tasks to your team, demonstrate the expected outcomes and leave them to accomplish the results. Do not interfere with their working process. Let them take their own direction when performing the tasks that you have laid out for them. This makes them feel more capable in their duties and increases the rate of success.

24. Know how to handle conflict

Sometimes a member of your team may prove to be difficult. They may come with a negative attitude to the workplace or give mediocre results. In such a case, speak to them in private and find out the root cause of the problem. After that, let them know the expected levels of performance. If it is absolutely necessary, fire them.

25. Learn to be a follower

Just because you are the leader does not mean that you know everything. When you encounter a team member who knows more than you, humble yourself and learn from them. Let them take charge and you will experience positive results. Sometimes you have to be a good follower to be a great leader.

The Important Take Away

It is not enough to be named a leader. You have to prove that you deserve the title. It is not easy to wear the crown of leadership. Therefore, use these tips to develop yourself and be the best leader you can be.