13. Be passionate about your subject

For you to communicate effectively with your audience, you should be passionate. This gives meaning to your speech. Make your audience see sincerity in your emotions as you speak. This will move them, create support for your topic and make you a better public speaker.

14. Utilize your natural voice

Relax and use a natural voice when presenting. If you speak with a tone that is too perfect, your audience will notice and block you out. Utilize the tone that you would normally use in conversation. If you punctuate your speech with an 'umm', it's okay. Be as natural as possible.

15. Keep your speech just the right length

A short, sweet speech leaves a greater impression than a long one. You actually don't have to use up all the time that you have been allocated for a speech. According to the TED Talks, the optimum length of a speech should be 18 minutes. As long as you put across the topic or theme that you wanted, it is enough. Use the rest of the time to answer questions from your audience. This makes you a better public speaker.

16. Use repetition

This is a strategy that is used by all the greatest public speakers around the world. If you want your audience to appreciate every point in your speech, repeat your points as you make them. This clarifies your objective. Identify your winning points and state them once, twice and even thrice as you speak. This will help you get them across and your audience will understand your message.

17. Tell a story

The best speeches and presentations don't feel like formal events. They are simply interesting stories told by the speaker that are within the required theme. Telling stories can be a very powerful tool to use in presenting a speech. The context of a story helps your audience to connect with you and rememember your content. Mastering this strategy definitely makes you a better public speaker.

18. Modulate your voice

It is important for your voice to be as natural as possible. However, you should strategically change your tone as you speak. Find the points in your speech where you can raise your tone and the ones where you can lower it. This helps you to deliver your message clearly. By mastering this skill, you can become a better public speaker.

19. Write down your points

Some of the props that you can use when making your speech are flash cards. You can write down the main points of your speech on them. Write down these points such that they are clearly legible to you. This helps you to be more articulate as a public speaker.

20. Show and tell

Sometimes you may have a lot of content to communicate. This can make your speech much longer than you initially intended. In such a case, you need to improvise so as to maintain the attention of your audience. You can do this by using visual presentations, role play, anecdotes, question sessions and even entertainment spots. As long as these activities stay within your message, the audience will remember your content. This definitely makes you a better public speaker. 

21. Look the part

Your appearance makes up a large part of your speech. The audience picks the tone of your speech from first observing how you look. Therefore, ensure that you dress for the role you are portraying during your speech. This makes you a more effective public speaker.

22. Focus on some individuals in your audience

This is one of the most powerful skills to use in public speaking. Find a few friendly faces in your audience. After that, make eye contact with them and rotate from one to the other as you make your speech. This boosts your confidence and allows you to look as though you are covering the whole crowd.

23. Walk around your stage

When you step up to the stage to make a speech, you have a lot of pent up energy. If you keep it locked in, you could destroy a great speech. Therefore, take your time to walk around your stage so as to release it. This calms you down, relaxes you and makes you give a great speech.

24. Get a willing partner

Remember that you are only human. It is okay to ask for help. You can pick out a partner to help you feel more relaxed as you make your speech or presentation. Go over how you will take turns in speaking and the content that each of you will present. This will teach you how to do live cooperation and make you a better public speaker.

25. Request for feedback

You can only correct your mistakes after you identify them. Therefore, prior to getting up on stage, you can have an anonymous audience member write down their objective opinion on your performance. After that, you can collect this feedback and correct yourself. This is an effective way to become a better public speaker.

The Important Take Away

Public speaking is a skill. You can learn it and master it. Many of the excellent speech-makers in history learned how to do it through painstaking work and hours of practice. Follow the tips indicated above and you will become a better public speaker.