As an entrepreneur, you are always trying to gain a competitive edge in your industry. Today, there are some applications that are specially built to help you excel in business. Each one may help you in handling business processes such as handling expenses, tracking employee performance and responding to customer queries. By using these applications and websites, you can increase your productivity and thus create a better ROI of your time. Thankfully, there are websites that can provide you with strategies, inspiration and tips for your business. Here are some of the top applications and websites that can make your experience as an entrepreneur easier.

Websites that are ideal for entrepreneurs

This is one of the top websites that you should visit as an entrepreneur. It has tips that can help you to start, manage and expand your business. The articles and resources in this website are a must-read for you. If you want to know about business processes such as franchising, strategy, expansion, business law and marketing, browse through Professional business coaches and entrepreneurs regularly make contributions to this website too.


Every business person knows about LinkedIn. It is the largest professional social network in the world. Accessible through, it is a must-join social network. On LinkedIn, you can connect with other entrepreneurs and get new customers. It is a perfect online marketing tool for your business and your skills.

The Wall Street Journal

This is one of the most famous business websites on the Internet. You can access it by entering in your browser. It is the online version of the renown financial news magazine. It has a section for entrepreneurs in its pages. It is always full of helpful topics such as how to manage your business, financing options and legal advice. A special feature of this magazine is that the founder gives candid interviews that are included on the website. Respected by wall street stock brokers, hedge fund managers and business-people all over the world, this is a very helpful website for you.

Ben's Blog

According to the tagline in this website, chief executives are made and you can learn how to become one by browsing through its pages. Accessible by entering in your browser, this website helps entrepreneurs learn how to manage their teams. In this way, they become effective leaders and eventually CEOs. With a clean and minimalistic layout this website gives you curt, straight to the point and helpful advice. If you are just starting your business, you should definitely visit it often.

Business Owner's Toolkit by BizFilings

This website contains information and tools that are specially chosen to help you build a foundation for your business. When you finally decide to take the plunge and build a business, this is where to go. It has resources that will help you learn how to build a legitimate and ultimately profitable business. Topics such as taxes, financing, marketing and management are covered in

In this website, you can get business training that is honest. Founded and run by Corbett Barr, this website contains information about how you can foster a market for your business as well as how to monetize your ideas. There are resources that can help you learn how to create successful marketing campaigns. For a small fee, you can read training modules and interact with a community of helpful entrepreneurs.

Design Sponge Biz Ladies

This is a section of the Design Sponge website that is specially designed for women entrepreneurs. You can find interviews and articles about the journeys taken by women to entrepreneurship success. Through the Biz Ladies section, you will find tips to help you overcome entrepreneurship challenges. It is accessible through

Tara Gentile

Do you want to expand your business and live the future you desire? This is the website to visit. It is run by Tara Gentile. She is a strategist and shows entrepreneurs how to put their hearts into the process of building their businesses. To view her strategic, direct and curt instructions, simply navigate to

A Smart Bear

This is the first blog in our list. Full of marketing tips and geek comments, it is run by the originator of Smart Bear Software and WPEngine. The content in this website is designed to mentor you as you build your business. There are hundreds of ideas about business management in this blog. Visit it by going to

The Middle Finger Project

Logging on to will get you to this unique website. From its tagline, every business tip in this site is out of the box and in your face. Ashley Ambirge is a branding expert and she runs this website. Her innovative ideas are presented in a no-nonsense approach and will teach you how to construct a world-class brand.

Duct Tape Marketing

This is a website designed to help you market your business. It is run by John Jantsch, a marketing consultant. In this website, you will find podcasts by industry executives, ebooks, blogs and a newsletter about marketing. You can get to it by going to

Marie Forleo

Do you want to learn how to improve your business by hustling with heart? This is the website to visit. Founded and run by an award winning author and lifestyle expert, it is ideal for women entrepreneurs. There are videos and content that will inspire you to live and love your business. Go to to learn all this.