Applications that are ideal for entrepreneurs

There are many applications that are specially built to make your life as an entrepreneur easier. They address various aspects of growing your business. Examples of these aspects are communication, managing time, processing payment, productivity and staying organized. Do you want to know more about them? Read on.

Applications that enhance communication


This is an application that makes it easier for you to communicate with friends, family and business associates. This application updates the contacts in your address book. For example, if your business associate also has this application and they update their number, your address book is updated automatically. Available for both Android and iOS platforms, it also sends messages to your contacts for free.


Built to promote better team effort and cooperation, Slack is a valuable application for any entrepreneur with a team. You can use it to organize conversations into private and public categories. You can also use it to send direct messages and files to your team. Slack is geared towards increasing team productivity. It costs $8 per user.

Applications that enhance management of time

My Minutes

As an entrepreneur, time is money. My Minutes helps you to focus on the most important tasks in your day. You can set a target such as 'surf social media for 14 minutes'. Once you do, the application will alert you when to stop and move on to the next task. My Minutes can help you to plan out your entire day. For $2.99, you can get it. It is built for both iOS and Android platforms.


Do you travel a lot to accomplish your activities as an entrepreneur? If you do, this is the ideal application to get. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and computer platforms. Jet setting entrepreneurs will find it very useful. You simply forward all your travel emails to the application and it will create an automatic itinerary for you. You can access this itinerary from your smartphone or your laptop. The basic version of TripIt is available for free. However, you can get the professional version for $49. A version for teams is available for $29 and will support 10 users.


As an entrepreneur, you make very important decisions that are guided by information. Letterspace helps you to save it as quickly as possible. You can use the application to take quick notes as you go about your day. You can organize thoughts using hashtags. The best thing about Letterspace is that it is completely free.

Applications that enhance payment methods


Part of being an entrepreneur is paying your employees. This application makes the process easier. Using Gusto, you can manage your employee accounts online, pay them and email their pay stubs to them. The application is able to perform deductions and complete tax filings for you automatically too. For $29 per month, you can use this application in your business. It also charges $6 per employee per month.


As an entrepreneur, you will travel quite a lot. Expensify can help you to manage your travel expenses. It can record and save all your expenses in a report. Also, you can link your credit or debit card to the application. In this way, any payments you make are directly saved in it. If you don't want to link them, you can take pictures of your receipts and the application will extract all relevant information for you. This information is saved so as to make it easier for the expense report to be generated. For between $5 and $9 per month per account, you and your team can get this application. It is compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry platforms. It is also compatible with computers.

Applications that help you stay more organized


This is a web-based application that is ideal for the modern entrepreneur. You can use it to assign tasks to your employees, send and receive documents as well as plan deadlines. KanbanFlow assists you to visualize your work schedule and communicate with your employees. The application is available for all smartphone and tablet platforms. It will also work on computers. There is a free version and a premium one that costs $5 per account per month.


Do you deal with boxes of product in your business? This free application will help you to organize them. It is available for Android smartphones and tablets. With this application, you can print scannable QR codes. You can load these codes with the contents of the boxes. By quickly scanning the QR codes, you can easily find out what is in the boxes for better organization in your workplace.


Entrepreneurs can gain immense benefits from using Evernote. This application helps you to create digital records for almost anything that you want. You can use Evernote to track your expenses and even manage your calendar. The application is also able to create presentations and plan your travels. It is literally a free Swiss army knife for entrepreneurs. Evernote is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.


One of the most important activities in business is making valuable connections. As an entrepreneur, you are always networking. This makes it difficult to remember exactly where and how you met someone. Humin helps you to overcome this challenge. Once you load information about these meetings into the application, it will remember all these details for you. The application extracts data from your contacts, call log and voice mailbox to keep your networks organized. It is available for Android and iOS.

Applications that help you maximize your productivity


This is an application that automatically responds to calls and messages when you are not available to use your phone. Examples of these situations include when you are in meetings or you are driving. Using ringback tone technology, the application allows you to record voice responses for calls and SMS responses for messages. Thus, you can keep your callers and texters informed.


This application helps you perform better time management. You can use Workflow to customize your phone so as to overlook tasks that waste your time. For example you can use the application to create buttons that automatically call stakeholders in your business. The application can create buttons for any activity that you conduct regularly. It is available for all major smartphone platforms.

The Important Take Away

As an entrepreneur, you need all the resources that you could get. Websites are great sources of information for you while applications can help you to get more done in a short amount of time. Utilized together, these resources can boost your chances of business success.