Disruptive Technologies

16. Cell therapy

This is a field of medicine where the functions of cells can be adjusted to improve health. There are companies such as Orgenesis that have innovated ways to convert regular cells in the liver into insulin-producing ones. This can help to cure type 1 diabetes.

17. E-commerce optimization

Almost everyone who gets on the Internet regularly has bought something there. Companies that own e-commerce websites are steadily coming up with ways to improve the online shopping experience for online shoppers. This is by creating integrated online business systems.

18. Online security

Cyber-security is a major concern today. There are many cyber predators stealing identities and using them maliciously. There is some new software for authenticating user profiles. This software is able to see if a user online is real or fake. This goes a long way in protecting the users of social media and e-commerce platforms.

19. Autonomous cars

This is the most popular trend for many car brands across the world. Self-driving cars moved from a concept to a reality with Google and Mercedes Benz displaying actively autonomous cars. This approach to building modern cars has taken over and experts indicate that in two decades, self-driving cars will be a normal thing to see on our roads.

20. Space robots

Since mining companies in the U.S. got permission to mine asteroids, the generation of high tech space robots has quadrupled. A company known as Planetary Resources has already launched a spacecraft and plans to roll out thousands of hardy, space mining robots.

21. 3D printing

This engineering method has taken the IT industry by storm. People are printing out domestic items and engineers are currently in the process of 3D printing a bridge. 3D printing is entering the field of large scale production of functional objects using sustainable materials.

22. Artificial Intelligence for everyone

This is a concept that has been in development for many years and still has innovations that wow industry analysts. Companies are teaching computers how to build and then letting them do it on their own. Computers use neural nets to learn and Google has already shared some of its own knowledge on the subject to the world. Today, you can get a trained A.I. program and plug it into your application.

23. Advanced humanoid robotics

Research into creating robots that look, act and work like real humans has resulted in humanoid robots that can do much more than we can. For example, Boston Dynamics has released footage of their humanoid robot known as Atlas charging through the woods. It is very life-like.

24. Digital drawing

Seeking to replace digitizer pads, there is a new type of stylus that allows you to draw directly into your computer with no need for special equipment. It is known as the Apple pencil. You can use it to draw on any surface and it will transmit the signals to a program which presents digital replicas of your drawings.

25. Cloud computing for the Internet of Things

Every tech-savvy bluechip company is moving to the Cloud. By doing this, they can reduce operating costs, provide better working experience for employees and boost revenue. Now there is a Cloud platform for appliances, cars and other objects in the Internet of Things. It is administered by Amazon.

26. Gene editing

This is a very experimental medical procedure where scientists collaborate with doctors to edit the genes of a person who is suffering from an aggressive cancer. This medical solution was performed on 14 month old Layla Richards and it saved her from leukemia. While still very experimental, gene editing offers an opportunity through which dangerous diseases such as cancer can be treated.

27. Li-Fi

We all interact with Wi-Fi signals on an almost daily basis. Now there is a new technology to make it faster, have a broader range and become much cheaper. Light is known to have a broader spectrum than radio. Therefore, researchers have leveraged this characteristic and created Li-Fi. This is Internet signals transmitted by light bulbs. It is stronger and much cheaper.

28. Intuitive, advanced robotics

Scientists and engineers are now building robots that have senses. The results of these efforts are robots that are smart, have dexterity and can sense their environment. These ones will be applied to jobs that have traditionally been considered too delicate to delegate to robots. An example is invasive surgery. They will also be used to restore movement to amputees and the elderly through prosthetics and exoskeletons.

29. Devices that store much more energy

We already have lithium-ion cells that are used to store energy. However, the power demands of our world require more sophisticated cells that have much higher capacity. We already have electric cars on our roads and hundreds of initiatives to provide power to remote areas. Therefore, researchers are creating super-batteries that could store millions more watts of energy for use in these applications while making the cells even smaller.

30. Automation of knowledge work

Much of the data processing that happens in organizations and corporations everywhere is knowledge work. Employees interact with machines to perform this work. There is always the risk of employee error. Thus, technology experts have come up with ways to automate knowledge work. Programs can run other programs, fill in or extract data and keep the organization running.

The Important Take Away

Disruptive technologies are bound to boost the quality of our lives today. Some of them face opposition and challenges as they establish themselves. However, they will take root and make our world a better place to live in, and those who will be able to jump on the train earlier are guaranteed to be the pioneers of the emerging industries.