Grant Cardone is a self made multimillionaire who changed his financial status by changing his mind, attitude and strategies. He is a successful best selling author, correspondent for various TV networks and hods a $350 million real estate portfolio. From his success story he has managed to inspire, mentor and educate a lot of people on how to grow their wealth. What makes him great is the fact that he does not keep the success strategies and techniques to himself but has shared it with the world. There are a lot of things one can learn from Grant Cordone, and these are the most important ones

1. Commitment

In order for you to accomplish anything you set your mind to, the most crucial factor is commitment. How much time, money and resources are you committing to it? For Grant Cardone to make all the money he has, the first thing he had to do was committing to the course. He committed his time and mind to becoming successful at what he did. Stay committed to your course without giving up or giving in. Do all you can to make sure that you see the results you need. Above everything else be committed to increasing your wealth.

2. Mind renewal

This is done by staying positive no matter the problems and challenges you may go through and getting rid of average thinking. Do not think in the line of settling just because you have enough to afford yourself or your family a little extra pleasure. Do not settle until you are sure you are more than capable to provide yourself and your family the greatest that life can offer and that you have exhausted all the opportunities you need to build your wealth. Truth be told, new opportunities are arising day and night. Learn to not settle for average but the best

3. Shifting focus from spending to investing

This is by far the greatest way to build your wealth. Most people think in the line of spending whatever little money they have instead of thinking of investing it so that it can multiply and become plenty. Whenever you have money, search for investing opportunities that are within your financial range and invest. Within no time you will be having more than enough and you will still have enough to invest. The money you get from your first investments, divide the profit into two. One half for your expenditure and the other half expand your investments in terms of shares. Spending does not give you anything in return but investing makes you richer by the day.

4. Creating multiple flows of income

This is also another great way of building your wealth. Depending on one source of income will not cut it in a world where the economy keeps fluctuating. Having multiple sources of income is like having a backup generator when there is a power shortage. When one source of income is unstable, the other source will save you. If all the sources of income are more than stable your net income will be so much greater than when having one stable source of income.

5. Do not show off

When your financial status starts to improving, do not focus on showing off by buying the most expensive stuff in the market like cars and houses. Focus on always being in time for your meetings, appointments and work. Build your wealth and let it be stable enough to afford you the best that life has to offer.

6. Create attention

In his selling summit in 2015, Grant Cardone emphasized on creating attention for your products and services. The more the attention you create the more consumers for your products and services will be. This sill not hurt your pocket. As a matter of fact it is really good for your pocket. Sell your products and services by packaging it in a way that is attractive and enticing to the public.