People use Facebook for various reasons but one of the things it's good at is marketing and improving businesses. With so many opportunities in terms of attracting audience and gaining popularity with effortless and casual marketing, this is the best platform to promote your brand on.

However, it can be quite confusing to figure out what steps to take in order to get the best results.

This is why we have compiled a list of useful tips on using Facebook to help your business.

Have a clear strategy

Facebook is a fun and creative place, but don't let that fool you – marketing and being present there requires just as much work and strategizing as, for example, starting a blog. Creating a good strategy, at least for short term is a great idea.

' Any company should begin by crafting a plan of what they expect will happen with their page in the first few months. You need a map to navigate through all of the options and find a way to popularity and engagement. ' says Jeff Thomas, a Social Media Manager from Elite Assignment Help.

Create a compelling brand voice

There is nothing more important than having or developing a unique brand voice. There are currently hundreds of brands and companies trying to stand out on Facebook. It's not an easy feat, considering that any brand at any moment is competing with others and being piled up under regular Facebook posts.

This is the reason why you have to have an interesting, human voice when posting on social media profiles. You want to be recognizable, easy to relate to and a bit fun – since that's what people expect Facebook to be.

Let your brand speak like it's a person – what would your brand be if it was human? What kind things would it say?

For example, you could develop a calming, Zen voice if your company is a spa or you could have a girly, fun voice if you are selling female clothes. It's all up to you what your brand will be.

Use images and videos

If you've never had a Facebook page before, you are probably unfamiliar with how powerful images and videos can be – even more powerful than any amount of text. Post images daily or transform some of your written content into infographics or videos for best results.

However, don't just focus on business – there are plenty of interesting things to share with your followers. For example, you could share pictures of your employees with them, memes, your favorite music etc. You could even let them know which TV shows you like. Just keep it human, in every way possible. If you utilize this step well, people will anticipate your posts, rather than skip it in their newsfeed.

Engage with your audience

Audience on Facebook isn't really interested in reaching out to you if you are not reaching out to them. Make time for taking with your followers or creating interesting things for them to do.

For example, majority of Facebook users that like a business page, say that they do it for giveaways or contests. These giveaways are a fun way to entice activity on your page and to get some free promotion.

You see, you could invite people to like, share and comment in order to get a chance of getting some of your products for free. Contests work in a similar way. These are all great things for both your page and the people who are just looking for fun and possibly getting something out of it.

Other than that, you could post interesting questions on something trending at the moment, share something interesting, comment or create a poll.

Create quality content

When you do post written content, make sure that it's impeccable. As you are creating it, make sure that it bears resemblance to your brand's voice throughout.

Your content should be fun and entertaining or hold some value in the sense that it could help people. For example, you could post how-tos, listicles, dos and don`ts as an interesting way of presenting your brand to your audience.

A good writer's team is a great idea in this case, but you could also hire services of a company like UK Service Reviews or State Of Writing, which offer great content writing and editing services, grammar and spelling guides etc.

Write captivating headlines

Headlines are a way to draw the readers in and over the years, the importance of the title has increased. Now, many people rely on it to do the job of attracting an audience. Make your titles short, catchy and relevant to the subject on hand. Avoid click baits, people are already tired of them.

If you are not sure how to create great headlines, there are headline generators like UK Top Writers available online – they will make your job a lot easier – or look for content editing services like Revieweal to correct and adjust your headlines.

Use Insights to see what works best

Facebook insights are a great way to measure the success of your posts and see which ones got the most attention. You can later adjust your schedule and posts to what worked best for you and your page's popularity.

Wrap Up

Facebook is an excellent marketing tool – you can attract more people than anywhere else. All you need is some creativity and some work to make your page shine for your audience. Remember to always be relatable, have a plan and prioritize engagement with your followers.

About the author

Rachel Summers is a social media manager of seven years now. She worked for many companies both big and small – most notably, Write My Australia, a leading custom writing service. When she finds the time, Rachel also likes to assist and advise small and start-up businesses with their social media management and marketing. Visit her blog to see more of her work!