One of the most popular activities which people perform today is business. It is where you engage in actions that lead to profit on a commercial, professional or industrial level. An individual or a company can engage in business. They can sell manufactured products or services for a profit. Today, you can do business in various industries. For a business person or entrepreneur, it is important to maintain profit in your enterprise. This is so as to keep it up and running. Some industries are much more profitable than others. Here are some of the most profitable small-business industries which you can consider.

Introducing clients to companies

The nature of a small business is that it requires only a small amount of capital to start and operate. One of the businesses that you can begin with a small amount of capital is a client introduction service. This is where you find clients for existing businesses. It is a simple business to perform. All that you have to do is identify businesses that are searching for clients. After that, enquire if they are willing to receive clients on introduction. Since businesses need clients to survive, they will most likely be ready and willing to work with you. In this business, you can earn a commission every time you introduce a new client to the company. It is a simple small business which you can begin in 2017 which has very little risk for you.

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Engage in day trading

One of the activities which you can use to generate an income is day trading. This is where you make investments in the stock market for profit. Thanks to the vibrant business scene across the world, you can make good returns by investing and trading your own money in the stock markets. The strategy behind investing is simple and straightforward. You simply buy shares for a certain price and sell them when they increase in value. This nets you a handsome profit. You can perform short term or long term investment. To get into the investment industry, you need to generate capital that totals 20 times your current, annual salary. Once you get it, invest in vibrant stocks and you will gain a return of 5% per year. If you are good at stock market investing, then you can begin a brokerage and invest other people's money too.

Start a blog

The Internet offers a variety of earning opportunities for enterprising people. One of the ways to earn a living on the Information Superhighway is by blogging. This is where you open up a light website where you can post information about various topics. These should be topics that you are passionate about. By consistently making posts and staying abreast of these topics, you can attract readership and make money by selling company advertisements on your blogs. For as long as you create a winning strategy and you stick to it, you can make some good money in 2017 by pursuing blogging as a business.

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Get paid to fill in online surveys

Thanks to the Internet, you can now make a comfortable living by sharing your opinion with companies from various parts of the world. One of the ways to do this is by completing surveys online. Companies normally release surveys which ask about their products or services. These surveys are received by mediator companies which then recruit people to take surveys. For every survey you complete, you are able to earn some money. You can earn a decent living by taking these surveys.

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Create homemade items and sell them online

Are you good at arts and crafts? If so, you can make a decent living by creating items and selling them online. There are entire websites dedicated to the business of buying and selling crafts that people have made at home. A good example of such a website is There are other websites that are ideal for selling home-made items such as and Some of the products of this nature which are available on these websites are sculptures, paintings, jewelry and jars. You can engage in this business and make a decent living.

Provide accounting services

The accounting industry is always thriving. This is because accounting is a service that businesses are always in need of. Accounting assists businesses to gain a picture of their financial health. Therefore, accountants are always in demand. If you have some accounting skills or experience, you can begin to provide this service to businesses or enterprising individuals and enjoy a decent, constant income with a profit margin of 18.4%. The accounting industry is great because it requires a low capital investment and also has low overhead.

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Managing businesses or companies

You can actually make money by managing other peoples' businesses. When you create a company that performs this service, it is known as a holding company. You handle the day to day enterprise activities of various businesses and charge a commission for your services. To do this, you need to have business and management skills too. This form of enterprise has a low setup cost and you can expect a profit margin of 15.5%. If you get many businesses in your portfolio, your company can grow into a giant managing company such as Icahn Enterprises or Berkshire Hathaway.

Become a real estate broker

One of the most lucrative industries today is the real estate market. This is where houses and property are bought and sold. Normally, the real estate market thrives in various economic conditions. You can join this industry in 2017 by becoming a real estate broker. All that you need to do so as to join this industry is have some basic knowledge about the business and law of real estate. You also need a license to perform this business. The cost of operating a real estate brokerage is quite low, the returns are good and you can expect a 15.19% profit margin.

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The Important Take Away

Starting your own business is liberating and allows you to take control of your financial future. There are various types of businesses that you can engage in. The ones above are some of the most profitable ones. Learn about them, execute them and transform your financial future.