Suits is about a law firm known as Pearson Hardman which tackles big business cases. Full of exciting characters, the most outstanding one is Harvey Specter. Played by Gabriel Macht, he is a high flying, extremely successful lawyer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He is a maverick and is well known for winning cases and annoying adversaries with his excellence. Fans of the show describe him as confident and charismatic. Women admire him and men want to be more like him. It all begins with his posture and how he handles himself. Do you want to learn how he does it? Here are 8 body language secrets we learned from Harvey Specter.

Use gestures as you talk

Harvey Specter is a highly competent lawyer. He knows it and makes sure that the rest of the world knows it too. One of the ways that he does this is by using gestures as he talks. When defending a client, he normally uses gestures to further explain his position. This makes the people around him understand that he is highly competent in his job. He comfortably uses his hands, palms facing outward to explain his main points. He also makes sure that his movements are not exaggerated. They are calm and calculated. You can borrow a leaf from him and begin using gestures to speak. This implies that you are highly competent and increases your charisma.

Stand up to make your point

One of the most interesting body language actions that Harvey Specter performs is standing up whenever he wants to make a point. He does this so as to be at a higher level than the person he is talking to. By doing this, he is dominating the situation. Humans are instinctively wired to be afraid of anything that is taller or bigger than them. Harvey stands up to make his points so as to intimidate the other person into accepting his point of view. This body language tip should be used when you are making an important point or want to win an argument.

Engage in strong eye contact

As he talks to people, Harvey Specter normally looks at them straight in the eyes. Sometimes, he looks at their forehead or even directly past them. Sometimes, it seems as though he is not interested in them. This body language technique is known as power gazing. Harvey does this to let the other person know that he is dead serious. It comes in handy when he is talking to a client or an opposing lawyer. However, when he is chatting with his friends such as Donna or Mike, Harvey normally drops the eye contact a little. This is a technique called social gazing. It is casual and is meant to make the other person comfortable. You can use these forms of gazing to successfully navigate conversations like Harvey Specter.

Hold an upright posture

There is one thing that you will never see Harvey Specter do. This is to slouch. He always holds himself up high, even when he faces disappointment. This posture helps Harvey to stay confident in the face of adversity. According to Dr. Cuddy of Harvard University, your body language determines how you feel. If you hold yourself up in a confident way. Then you will feel confident. Keep your back straight, chin up and shoulders squared. This way, you will become as confident as Harvey and possibly even beyond.

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Sit comfortably 

Body language is highly important when you are standing and walking. It is also crucial when you are sitting. Harvey always makes a point of sitting comfortably. He leans back in the chair and keeps his arms forward and shoulders squared. Even if he is in an uncomfortable discussion, he will maintain this posture and look cool throughout. He only leans forward if he is going to make an offer or he is defending his position. This is an aggressive move. The dramatic change from relaxation to aggression startles his opponent and Harvey takes advantage of this. Thus, he ends up winning arguments in this method. It is a highly effective way to win arguments, defend yourself or convince someone else to accept your opinion.

Have a firm handshake

You can tell a lot about a person from their handshake. When it is too weak, it implies that they have little confidence. If it is very hard, then the person is highly aggressive and wound up tight. The best handshake is the one where you simply hold the other person's hand and apply pressure. This pressure should be gentle but firm. Also, wait until the other person lets go of your hand. Harvey always uses this form of handshake when meeting new people. Combined with the rest of his confident body language, it makes him appear highly charismatic.

Dress to impress 

Part of body language is your choice of clothing. Harvey Specter is one of the most well dressed men in all of television. He always wears a fine tailored suit created by acclaimed designer Tom Ford. He prefers three piece suits. These indicate a more masculine and mature appearance. Whenever Harvey and other male characters are on screen, it is very easy to note that Harvey is the one in control. In the first episode of the show, Harvey indicates that people normally respond to the way that one is dressed. Therefore, your choice of dressing projects who you are. If you want to look confident and charismatic, simply dress the part. Ensure that you get some clothes that actually fit you. This allows you to move in a relaxed way. It also goes a long way in ensuring that you appear in control of yourself and your environment.

Do not fidget

Another activity that you will never find Harvey Specter performing is fidgeting.This is a highly unattractive activity. It indicates that you are nervous. In addition to that, it shows that you are anxious about something. Fidgeting takes attention away from your message and distracts the person or people that you are talking to. Some examples of fidgety movements include shaking your foot, twirling your hair or touching your face repeatedly. Avoid all of these movements and maintain a composed, calm body. This shows that you are confident. 

The Important Take Away 

Your body language can determine a lot about you. It can actually make you feel more confident in yourself. How you carry yourself determines what other people think of you. Harvey Specter is a character who has impeccable body language. It is explained above. Follow these tips and you can become a winner in life, just like him.