San Francisco is a city in Northern California. Located on the tip of a peninsula surrounded by the Indian Ocean, it is well known for fog and a hilly landscape. It is also quite well known for monuments such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Victorian houses and unique cable cars. It is also an attractive city for technology startups. Silicon Valley is within reach from San Francisco and major technology companies such as Twitter, Uber and Square call the city their home. Therefore, it is an ideal location for people who are interested in this industry. Here are 20 reasons why you should definitely move to San Francisco if you're into tech and entrepreneurship.

There is a lot of talent

Due to its location near Silicon Valley, you can find many talented professionals in this city. There are skilled engineers, quality institutions, venture capitalists and a culture of innovation. Technology startups are part of the business culture in San Francisco. The individuals in this industry share ideas and drive it forward. This makes it an ideal city to live in if you are interested in technology.

A hopeful attitude

Failing is an important part of the journey to success. Startups fail many times before they blossom into success. In many areas of the world, failure is frowned upon and considered shameful. However, in San Francisco, it is accepted as a part of the growth process. The community is supportive of startups that are still taking baby steps. Thus, it is an ideal city to go to if you are interested in entrepreneurship.

It is easy to live in

The amenities in this city are always available and within reach. The city is easy to get around. Moreover, the weather is great and you can explore other industries during your free time. The wine country of Mendocino and Tahoe are easily accessible to San Franciscans. Therefore, while taking a break from your technology exploits, you can enjoy some time in these iconic locations to get your creative juices flowing.

Silicon Valley

This is the main reason why San Francisco is the ideal home city for those who are interested in technology. You can get from San Francisco to the valley in minutes. Companies and professionals come from all corners of the globe to be part of the action and innovation in Silicon Valley. Infrastructure such as Google Fiber are currently being laid so as to deliver super speed Internet to homes, businesses and other locations. In this way, you always have access to information as you pursue your technology or entrepreneurship ambitions in San Francisco.

There is access to major financial backup

Due to the concentration of technological innovation in Silicon Valley, many venture capital firms have set up shop in San Francisco. Many are pitching camp in the SoMa neighborhood of the city. There are always some innovative young minds from Silicon Valley with ideas that can change the world who are searching for funding. Thus, angel investors want to be part of the foray. San Francisco makes the perfect spot to get in the game and have a winning position.

A vibrant nightlife

It is important to blow off steam after a hard day of work. Technology and entrepreneurship can become extremely challenging. Therefore, a little fun is always advisable. San Francisco provides for this quite well. There are nightlife spots for people of all ages and preferences. Moreover, it is supremely affordable too. Therefore, even if you are bootstrapping your startup, you can still have a good time in San Francisco.

Jobs are available and abundant

Due to the technology culture in and around this city, there are various positions for people with special skills in technology or business. Hundreds of technology companies call the city their home. They are all at various stages of growth. Thus, you can always apply and join a growing startup that could blossom into a billion dollar company. As long as your skills are sharp and you make the effort, you can find some employment in San Francisco without much trouble.

A high income potential

In this city, there is a unique and rewarding paradigm concerning staffing. Companies in San Francisco pay their staff according to skill level and not according to their years of experience. Studies conducted by Wallethub indicate that the city is in third position across the US in terms of median salary for new employees. Therefore it doesn't matter if you are new in the industry, as long as you have the necessary skills, you can enjoy a great salary from your first job.

The people love diversity

It is always comforting to live in a place where differences are accepted. San Francisco is such a place. The people here actively celebrate diverse cultures. In this city, it is perfectly okay to be you. The city has all sorts of sub cultures. Examples are the corporate titans, the nerds, entertainers and even the hipsters. They all live with each other in this city and cooperate to make it an ideal city for fans of tech and entrepreneurship.

Good food is easily available

There is nothing like some tantalizing food to keep you energized as you work. In San Francisco, you are literally surrounded by delicious cuisine at all times. You can find queues of people ling up to purchase some food at Dolores Park. You can also find multiple ice cream shops and bakeries in and around the city. There is a strong culture for foodies and the rest of the tech enthusiasts to enjoy.

The culture of disruption encourages innovation

A disruptive technology is one that brings out a drastic change that transforms an industry. The community in San Francisco is highly supportive of technology startups. They are especially fond of those that have a disruptive idea. The communities will assist the individuals involved in the startup until it is ready for the mainstream market.

Almost everyone is a transplant

Majority of the people in this city are from other locations and are here to try their chance at being the next technology billionaire. You can find that a large percentage of the residents have been there for only a few years. They are very proud to be chasing their dream in San Francisco. To show this, they proudly wear t-shirts with the logos of their companies emblazoned on them.

Exercise is a big part of the city culture

San Francisco is a small city. Moreover, it is located next to the Pacific Ocean coastline. The weather is highly inviting and the beaches are clean and safe. Therefore, it is quite common to see people jogging along the coastline. When you see them, you just want to join in. Therefore, tech and entrepreneurship enthusiasts can develop the positive habit of exercising when they live in this city.

You can cultivate a healthy spiritual life

As you work and navigate life, it is important to have a solid spiritual foundation. It comes in very handy when you are going through the tougher times of your life. There are various religions and spiritual paths from the East. They are rooted in San Francisco. Examples of these include Budhhism, yoga and the Zen philosophy. According to studies performed by scientists, subscribing to a spiritual entity reduces the levels of stress in your system and boosts your wellbeing. Being an entrepreneur is highly stressful. Thankfully, you can pick a spiritual path and enjoy in San Francisco.

You have access to organic food

Do you love to eat healthy organic food? If you do, you will feel right at home in San Francisco. It was voted the top organic city by an online magazine known as Organic Authority. You can find so many farmer's markets, food co-ops and organic eating joints all over the city. Not only is the food extremely healthy, these spots are easy to find. Eat healthy in San Francisco as you build your company.

There are beautiful parks

Visiting a park not only calms your nerves, it helps you to meet new people and enjoy new activities as well. There are many lovely parks in this city. Examples of these are the Golden Gate, Dolores and the Presidio parks. In these locations, you can find flower gardens and public art that will relax you and get you ready to win in the tech industry.

Tons of outdoor activities to do

Being right next to the ocean, you can bet that there are literally hundreds of activities that you can enjoy in San Francisco. You can surf, engage in tai chi and also enjoy some yoga in the parks and beaches of the city. There are lovely public trails that you can run or jog in so as to maintain a high fitness level. Staying in San Francisco encourages you to be fit as you engage in entrepreneurship activities.

There are many natural areas and features to enjoy

Nature is not only soothing, it calms your mind. Spending some time in the natural features helps you to improve your mood and makes you healthier. There are multiple green spaces in and around San Francisco. In addition to that there are parks and reserves that can quench your thirst for fresh natural air. Examples are the Point Reyes and Mount Tamalpais state parks. You can hike or bike in these parks and keep your energy levels up.

A vibrant wine culture

Being right next to some of the top wine growing areas in the country, San Franciscans regularly enjoy a glass of wine every once in a while. There are vineyards such as Sonoma and Napa that provide the city with a steady supply of wine. Scientists indicate that taking small amounts of wine regularly can keep obesity at bay. Thus, while working on your next big tech idea in San Francisco, sip some red wine to get the ideas flowing.

The city is very friendly to dogs

It is an interesting fact that there are more dogs than kids in San Francisco. This saying is actually true. Census data that was collected indicates exactly this. Thanks to the dog-loving culture of San Franciscans, you will find amenities such as dog hotels, parties and even a cemetery for our furry friends. This city can be amazing for you and your dog.

The Important Take Away

San Francisco is a colorful city in Northern California that has everything that an aspiring technology entrepreneur could want. The reasons indicated above are true testimony of this. Do you want to build your company into a tech giant? Consider this city and you will not regret your decision.