Everybody wants to be successful. We all want to excel in our various fields of study. Some of the units that are used to indicate excellence are grades. An A grade means that you have done very well while a C grade indicates that you have only performed in a satisfactory way. Logically, we expect students who get A grades to be more successful in life. Interestingly, when it comes to entrepreneurship, students who score a grade of C perform much better than the ones who score A's. How is this possible? Read on to learn why C students tend to be more successful entrepreneurs than A students. 

1. They choose what they want to do with their lives much earlier

Due to their performance, C students normally narrow down their career choices very early in life. They pick only what they are good at and focus on it as early as possible. They don't spend a lot of time going to classes that they don't need. In the way, they are able to maximize their use of time. They go to the classes that are relevant to their career choices. Being highly focuses is one of the characteristics that are necessary in becoming successful as an entrepreneur. The C students master this particular skill as early as possible. Thus, when they venture into the field of entrepreneurship, they already know how to invest their time well and this makes them more successful.

2. They gain work experience very early in their lives

After seeing that they are not excelling as well as the A students in class, C students move out in search of other things that can hold their attention and that they can excel in. They often gravitate to doing jobs so as to make some money and feel as though they are accomplishing something of value. This is usually a great step towards their eventual success in the field of entrepreneurship. Doing a job gives them practical skill and experience that the A student could never get. In this way, they emerge better able to handle business when they are competing with A students in the business field.

3. They are able to build networks earlier and better

A students are normally convinced that all they need to do so that they can be successful is to keep getting great grades. C students go out and build networks while they perform their odd jobs here and there. In the long run, the networks emerge much more valuable than the grades. Knowing people who are in power is often far more helpful in building your career than shiny grades. Moreover, C students build communication and other soft skills as they build this network. The A students in class do not invest their time to build these highly valuable skills.

4. They know how to enjoy their lives

Happy people are more successful than people who are not. C students often go out to parties, have lots of fun and may come to class a bit hungover. A students would never do that for fear of jeopardizing their grades. Thus, the latter are more likely to have a very little or no social life at all. C students on the other hand know so many people and they have an awesome social life. These people eventually become business partners or even employers. In this way, the C students get far ahead of the A students in life. Of course,they keep enjoying life as much as possible while doing it.

5. They are masters of finding easy ways to do hard jobs

Bill Gates is currently the richest man in the world. He once remarked that he would rather give a hard task to a lazy person because they will find an easy way to do it. This is literally efficiency in play. C students normally don't want to work too hard in finding the solutions to hard tasks. Therefore, they invent ingenious ways to accomplish these tasks. This leads to innovation. This is one of the most effective ways to thrive in the world of entrepreneurship. You have to keep innovating. C students are able to think out of the box much faster than A students. In this way, they end up performing much better than them in business and life too.

6. They don't fully trust the education system

C students don't truly believe in the accepted education system. They don't feel like they want to be the products of an academic factory. They recognize the good that comes from it but do not worship academics. On the other hand, A students live and breathe academic performance. By not believing too much in academics, C students find other ways to learn. They go and join groups or even get jobs and learn practically. This extra knowledge is what makes them better than the A students in the field of business. By being brave enough to challenge the status quo, the C students are able to make major changes in industry.

7. C students think independently

One of the main characteristics of an A students is that they are great at following rules. They are submissive followers. C students would never do that. They either break the rules often or they make their own rules. They question everything. They will come up with their own agenda and follow it to the end. This type of focus is highly valuable in the world of business. It leads to results.

8. C students develop various types of intelligences

It is well known that one needs to have intellectual and emotional intelligence so as to thrive in the world. C students are able to develop both these types over time. A students are fixated on intellectual intelligence only. This is where they are trumped by the C students in the field. Emotional intelligence is often far more valuable than intellectual intelligence. The C students have this in drives because they often had to explain themselves in various challenging situations throughout their years of academics. This skill emerges very useful in the field of business.

The Important Take Away

Experts have always been baffled by the fact that C students are the more successful in entrepreneurship than A students. The reasons above indicate why this is the case. If you are currently a C student, let these reasons encourage you and show you that you can lead the world.