Academic achievement is measured using grades. Excellent performance is recognized with a grade A while performance that is below average is marked using a grade C. Various studies have shown that students who have grade A performance enjoy respect, recognition and access to more opportunities for success in life. Therefore, as a student, this is the grade to aspire to.

Now the question is : how can a student move from getting C grades to A grades? They can do this by studying smarter and not harder. You can make this academic leap by developing habits that help you to spot important concepts, learn much faster and maximize your retention of knowledge. Here are 10 habits that will help you go from being a C student to an A student.

Space out your studying efforts

You can improve your academic performance by spacing out your study activities. This helps you to avoid a popular yet negative activity known as cramming. This is where students stay up all night reading material while trying to force it into their memory. It is largely pointless because more effort is spent trying to stay awake than actually understanding the concept. It causes stress which can lead to health complications. Therefore, engage in short, regular periods of study. This maximizes retention of your material and helps you in becoming more disciplined.

Create a study schedule

A sure way to improve your grade from C's to  A's is by creating a schedule for study and sticking to it. The lives of students can be full of activities. There are other academic demands such as assignments and projects. Moreover, there are extracurricular activities to engage in. Thus, it may seem difficult to stick to a study routine. Despite these activities, you can carve out an hour or two for a few days each week to study. Ensure that you are comfortable with this routine. This way, you will not be stressing yourself or pushing yourself too much to complete your study requirements. This schedule will help you to remain on course with your academic requirements and boost up your grades too.

Set your schedule such that you study at exactly the same time in each session

One of the most important features of a study schedule is consistency. Your studying should occur at the same time on the days that you set apart. By doing this, you make it a natural part of your life. When you program your schedule in this way, you shall be emotionally and physically prepared each time you begin to study. As a result, your efforts during this time will be more productive.

Have a specific goal for every study session

Having goals for your study efforts helps you to stay on track by directing your efforts. You need to identify exactly what you want to accomplish in every session of study. Prior to beginning the study efforts, come up with a goal that you can work towards. After that, dedicate the session to achieving this goal. This is how to move from being a C student to an A student.

Organize your academic material efficiently

Staying organized helps to improve efficiency and performance. Many students deal with the problem of having to rummage through piles of paper so as to find the notes that they need to study. After an unsuccessful search, they eventually borrow some from their friends. This is an ineffective way to study. You should always organize your notes neatly according to course and topic. In this way, you can find the information that you need for your studying endeavor. Being organized is one of the most important steps that you can take towards moving from a C grade to an A grade.

Maintain high levels of physical health

Health is a very important factor in the effort to improve your grades. There is no point in achieving straight A's but you are too sick to celebrate. Many students sleep too little and overwork themselves around the examination season. As a result, they get mediocre grades and wonder why. The key to a healthy mind is a healthy body. Ensure that you get enough sleep at night. 8 hours is the ideal amount of sleep that you need so as to function normally. Also, ensure that you eat healthy and exercise. These will boost your energy levels and help you to understand your material better.

Create or join a homework group

Homework is an essential part of study. Normally, you can experience some challenges as you complete it. You may be unable to find a way to solve a problem or lack the resources required to do it. This problem is solved by having a homework group. Find two or three people and make a group whose specific objective is to do your homework. The group should have a maximum of four people including you. Any more members and it will simply become distracting. During your meetings, ensure that you stay focused on academic pursuit. By handling your homework in this way, you can share ideas and solve problems collectively. This gets you closer to A grades.

Take notes during class instruction

Having as much information as possible about your content helps you to score great grades. One way to maximize information collection is to take notes during classroom sessions. This helps you to stay alert. In addition to that, it is easier to study by analyzing your notes than by perusing the textbooks. This is because you are already familiar with the content. Moreover, it is written in a language that you can understand. Thus, you are able to retain much more and boost your chances of academic success.

Maintain your study area

Every student who achieves high grades maintains their study area properly. Ensure that there are no distractions in your study spot. Keep it very clean and ensure that there is enough light illuminating it. It should be as conducive as possible for your study efforts. Therefore, pick out an ideal area for studying and keep it neat. Clean surroundings inspire focus and can help you turn your C's into A's.

Split up large chunks of study material into manageable pieces

Sometimes you have a lot of information to study through while preparing for an examination. This is commonly observed in college. You might find yourself with a pile of textbooks to go through for study purposes. Instead of tackling the task as a whole, divide it into smaller, manageable pieces. After that, tackle each piece individually and reward yourself after you complete each one. This makes studying easier and more effective. This method of study makes you more confident as you complete each chunk of work. It inspires you to keep going on your path from a C to an A.

The Important Take Away

Academic excellence has rewards that you can enjoy for life. Successful people around the world place high value on good performance in school. If you are getting C grades, do not give up. Use the tips indicated above to turn them into shining A's and change your life for the better.