16. Know and respect yourself

Sometimes we wear masks to hide who we really are. Every once in a while, this is helpful and effective. However, you should always remember who you are and strive to embrace this. You don't struggle when you are being yourself. Thus, the peace that results improves the quality of your life.

17. Seek to enjoy a part of your day

There are always some lovely moments that happen in our lives every day. Mostly, we fail to recognize them. Try to see these moments in your life. It will make you appreciate it and change it positively.

18. Spend time with the right people

Our actions and behaviours are greatly influences by the actions of those that we spend the most time with. Hang out with people of higher quality and this will spread into your life. Seek out those who challenge and stimulate you in a variety of ways.

19. Be truthful with yourself about everything

It is very helpful to be honest with yourself. Doing this helps you to identify the problems in your life and how you can change them. It also helps you to see the good things that you are currently doing in your life. You can keep doing them so as to enjoy a high quality of life.

20. Try your best to find lessons in your mistakes

Sometimes you can feel like you really made a big mistake. it is important to note that it is not the end of the world. The worst that can come out of a mistake is not learning a lesson. If you mess up, find a way to emerge out of it as a better individual.

21. Enjoy the things that you have

It is important to appreciate what you have. Many people are unable to do this and they struggle to accumulate more and more. Sometimes, this passionate ambition is good. However, always take time to appreciate the things you have and you will be happier.

22. Make steps to outdo your past self

Don't compare yourself to other people so as to gauge your worth. Simply compare yourself to your past self. Take a look back and see if you are better today than you were yesterday. If you have made an improvement, you have become better. Keep it up and over time you will have made significant progress. This will definitely make your life better.

23. Celebrate the achievements of other people

Celebrating the achievements of other people makes you happier. It also helps you to build stronger bonds with your friends. When you celebrate their success, they will celebrate yours too and bring you closer as a group.

24. Forgive others and most importantly yourself

We have all got hurt by people we trusted. The wounds can take a long or a short time to heal. Letting go of the grudge is a major step towards forgiveness. Holding on to grudges hurts you more than it helps. Therefore, let it go.

25. Help the people around you

It is important to help those around you. When you help them out, your kind action will eventually come back to you. People will remember and reciprocate the good deeds that you do to them.

26. Learn how to identify and measure your stress levels

It is possible to get very stressed due to the work that you do. Some of us work in high pressure, high reward jobs. High work-related stress can reduce the quality of your output and cause depression. When the stress reaches fever peak, simply take a break, breathe deeply and cool down. After that you can resume your work with a fresh mind and more strength.

27. Enjoy the little things you do

During the course of our day, we conduct many small activities that are are hardly noticeable. However, they are very important because we would feel a great sense of loss if we are unable to do them any more. Therefore, take time to really enjoy small activities such as making breakfast or walking your dog. it is good for your mind, body and soul.

28. Make peace with not being perfect all the time

Learn how to be okay with results that are not perfect. As long as something is good, then let it be. Focusing too much on perfection causes stress and disappointment when things don't go your way.

29. Take accountability for your life

Taking control of your own life is a major step towards having a better life. Being accountable for your actions and the decisions that you make helps you to maintain power and control over your life.

30. Assert yourself

We all have those times when we bowed to instruction because we were too timid or afraid of authority. Living this way limits your happiness. Stand up for yourself and put your priorities first. This leads to independence and satisfaction.

31. Apologize

If you have any wrongdoings that you have committed and you're putting off the apology, do it now. If it gets accepted, great! If not, you did your part.

The Important Take Away

We are all in pursuit of happiness. We strive to make progress and be happy in every situation. These simple activities will help you to make your life better and happier.