There are many negative habits that many of us deal with. One of these is procrastination. This is the habit of postponing tasks that we can do right now to a later time or date. If we keep this up, it can end up becoming a real time wasting habit. Therefore, it is best to find a solution to procrastination as soon as we can, and to do so, here's a quick guide on how to stop procrastinating.

Create a List of Everything That You Want to Do

Also known as a To-Do List, this is a report containing the tasks that you need to complete by a given time. Every task has a check box right next to it that you can tick. To stop procrastinating, create such a list and include the large and the small tasks. If you have one task that is huge, divide it into manageable smaller ones and list them down too. If you can, arrange the tasks from simplest to hardest or in terms of their priority. In this way, you will feel a sense of accomplishment as you finish each task. Moreover, assign a time frame to each task. Doing this gives a sense of urgency to it. This will motivate you to finish all the tasks in your To-Do list and eliminate procrastination.

Do the Short Ones First

There are some tasks that would take us a very short time to complete. They can be referred to as 'two-minute tasks'. Whenever you are required to do a certain job, ask yourself if it is a two-minute task. Examples of such include taking the trash out, weeding the garden or even doing some dishes. If you are faced with such a task, force yourself to complete it. It will only take two minutes and you will be on the right track to eliminating procrastination. In addition to that, the feeling of satisfaction after completing a short task will motivate you to complete even the longer ones.

Note: If you find yourself drowning in the short ones, chances are that your mind loves instant gratification. To prevent that, watch this video, have a good laugh and always remember it whenever you find yourself doing too much of short tasks before "getting your stuff done"!

Establish a Work Frenzy

Dedicate some of your time to purely working. Also known as a work frenzy, this is a period of time where you do nothing but work. If you find that you procrastinate a lot due to daydreaming, creating a work frenzy can be a very effective way of combating this habit. Simply take a period of time such as 10 minutes and work. Get rid of all distractions such as cellphones, television and unnecessary web browsing. Work until the ten minutes are over. After that, take a break and repeat the process again. This method also work effectively if you have created a list of tasks and assigned time periods to them too.

Adjust Your Environment

Your productivity is actually affected by your working environment. Does your environment make you feel active and alert or it makes you feel like you want to simply doze off and sleep? If it makes you want to jump under the covers, then it is time to change it. An environment can inspire us to work. It can also demotivate us from working. Therefore, it is very important to pick one that is conducive for work. A crucial aspect to note is that an environment that is inspirational can lose its charm after some time. Therefore, it is necessary to shift every once in a while to keep yourself alert. This is an effective step to stop procrastinating.

Get Rid of the Temptations of Procrastination

Do you have some bookmarks that always attract you to put off your work? Are there some TV shows that you can't stop watching and they cause you to procrastinate? It is very important to get rid of them if you want to focus more on your work. Get rid of those bookmarks or put them in a folder that is difficult to access. Turn off the TV and get to work. Identify the distractions that take your attention away from work and get rid of them. In this way, you boost your productivity and get rid of procrastination.

Hang Out With Inspiring, Active People

There are those among us who are simply go getters. These are the people who are always energetic to accomplish tasks. Identify them and get to know them. After that, you can hang out with them and you will learn how to be a go getter yourself. They can become a positive influence on you. Strive to learn where they get their energy and drive. This knowledge will assist you in energizing yourself too and become much more productive. You are who you spend the most time with. Spending lots of time around go getters turns you into one too. This is an effective way to eliminate procrastination.

Note: A good practical way to start doing this right now would be to start listening to podcasts.

Communicate Your Goals

This is an especially effective way of ensuring that you don't procrastinate. Inform your friends, colleagues, family and friends about your projects. When you do this, they will be bound to ask you about your progress in these activities. This will create a sense of accountability in you. You will want to keep working so that you have something positive to say once they ask. In a way, they keep you on your feet and you stay clear of procrastination.

Say No to Irrelevant Obligations

Sometimes we procrastinate because we are too busy handling small tasks for others that we forget to take care of our own tasks. This is especially so for those who are in a position of responsibility. One feels as though they must take care of everyone else's tasks before their own. This can lead to a chronic case of procrastinating one's personal jobs. The best way to solve this problem is by learning how to say no to irrelevant obligations. After that, say yes to your own and put yours first. This is an ideal way to stop procrastinating.

The Important Take Away

Procrastination is a well known time-killer. It can lead to laziness and other negative effects. Thankfully, we can eliminate and prevent it by following the steps indicated above. They are clear, creative and hit the nail on the head. Invest every second wisely and finish your tasks by not procrastinating.