Emotional intelligence (sometimes referred to EQ) is an amazing quality to have. This quality allows you to take control of your emotions, feel them to the fullest and also become aware of your emotions during different situations. Having emotional intelligence allows you to know yourself from the inside out and will help you nurture your ability to express yourself and how to sympathize with others. This quality also allows you to keep your emotions in check when it comes to making decisions, both big and small. Emotionally intelligent people have the tendency to be successful and happy in their lives. How are they able to do this? In this article, we will discuss five habits that emotionally intelligent people possess that you can develop in your own life. 

1. They Say No

Emotionally intelligent people can sometimes be seen as doormats on the outside. They are giving individuals who are always willing to help. Why? They can sympathize with others whether they are happy or sad or somewhere in between. We can sometimes view them as timid and insecure. However, emotionally intelligent people are able to know when to say yes and when to say no. They are here to help however they also know when to take care of themselves. They possess the ability to take control of any situation and take themselves out of situations that don’t feel right. If they are swamped and cannot handle another task, they will say so. If we push them too far, they will let us know. Being completely aware of their emotions allows them to do so. 

2. They Put Effort into Being Happy

Individuals that are emotionally intelligent will always put extreme effort into being happy. Although they will allow any emotion to work its way through, they are always looking on the bright side of every situation. It may be difficult, but they know they will ultimately feel better if they look for the happy in all things. An emotionally intelligent person will seek out whatever brings them enjoyment and happiness in every situation. If it doesn’t make them happy, they will let it go. 

3. They Think Independently 

They always tend to think for themselves. If we propose a situation to them that they do not agree with, they will however hear our side of things and consider it. They will allow others to present their ideas and needs. The emotionally intelligent person will listen carefully and try to put themselves in the other person’s shoes. If that idea works better, they will go with it no problem. However, they still know what is right for them and their happiness as well and will do what is right for them. 

4. They Think Before They Act

Those with emotional intelligence think before they waste their precious time on things that will not matter in the end. They think before they act. If they are involved in a conflict, they will not waste any more energy than what is needed. They understand that their time cannot be squandered on petty problems that can be solved. They allow themselves to process first before they make a decision. They are aware of how they feel in the moment and can process their emotions quickly and effectively. 

5. They Are Constantly Moving Forward 

They do not allow the past to control them. Emotionally intelligent people allow their present to rule their decisions and they do not get caught up in things that they cannot change. Instead, they work to make their present a happier place to be. If we bring up their past to them, they will let that roll right off their backs and remind us of where they are right now. They understand the mistakes they have made and are able to apply them in a better way. 

The Important Take Away

As you can see, emotional intelligence is an amazing quality. Emotionally intelligent individuals can say no, put effort into being happy, think independently, think before they act and are constantly moving forward into the future instead of the past. They allow themselves to feel all of their emotions and can process them in order to move forward in their lives. Emotional intelligence gives us the ability to get through our day to day living with happiness stacked all the way through.