Anthony Robbins once said that it is what we do consistently that determines the direction of our lives, not what we do once in a while. If you want to achieve success in anything, you must be consistent about it. For you to master a skill, make a change in your lifestyle or even get some tasks done, you must develop consistency in your efforts to achieve it. By creating a program and sticking to it for a long period of time, you can develop the consistency that is required so as to always complete the tasks that are important to you. Do you want to be more consistent? Here are 8 tips on how to always get things done. 


Create a plan

Also known as a To-Do list, a plan indicates the activities which you hope to achieve in your day. It guides your focus and effort throughout the day. When you have a plan, you know which task to do now and the one to complete after it. A daily plan keeps your mind focused and you are less likely to get distracted. Thus, it is important to set and follow a plan to develop consistency.

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Create a routine for your mornings

This is one of the most powerful ways to develop consistency in your life. A morning routine which you do as soon as you get up is very helpful in developing consistency. Also known as a morning ritual, it sets the tone for the rest of your day. Human nature makes us want to maintain the conditions that we create in the beginning of the day. This is why a good start to the day leads to a good day while a bad start creates a bad day. Therefore, make sure you pick a morning ritual that you enjoy and always perform it every day. It will set a positive attitude for your day and keep you focused on completing every other task that you have lined up.

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Do not say that you are not motivated to do something

If you feel like going for a leisurely meal instead of exercising, don’t say that you are not motivated to keep fit. Instead, tell yourself that you have an important decision to make. We always have a choice in every activity that we choose to do or not to. The crucial thing is to make the right decision. Pick the one that will help you to finish the tasks that you desire to. Overall, don’t say that you are not motivated. This is negative self-talk and reduces your chances of actually completing your daily tasks.

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Do it even if you don’t feel like it

One of the main ways to develop consistency in your life is to do things even when you had rather not. We all feel fatigue and lack of enthusiasm with our daily activities. When you feel this way, disregard the inner voice whispering to you that you should not do what you had planned. This voice can set you back and prevent you from doing the activities you had planned to. Thus, to develop consistency, the voice of doubt must be ignored.

Take responsibility for the process and not the results that you get

When we engage in an activity, we often focus directly on the results instead of the process required to achieve them. One of the ways to develop consistency in one’s daily activities is focusing on the process. Seek to give every task in your To-Do list the attention that it deserves. Take one day at a time and finish up the activities for that specific day. After that, look forward to completing the processes again. This will not only get you excellent results, it will protect you from the emotional roller coaster of expecting specific results and rarely attaining them.

Don’t disappoint yourself

When we fail to do some things that we had planned to accomplish, we often feel as though we are incapable and this leads to a low self-esteem. According to studies conducted in the field, our daily activities normally send feedback to us about our self-image. Therefore, when we actually accomplish all the things that we had planned to in the day, it makes us feel happy, effective and self-confident. On the other hand, failing to do the things which we had planned leads to feelings of self-doubt and lack of confidence. Being consistent in our daily tasks actually builds our self-confidence. Therefore, strive to achieve your daily goals and it will give you a great reflection of yourself.

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Make a conscious and resounding decision to stay consistent

Self-affirmation is one of the most effective ways to achieve anything in life. If you want to be more consistent, say out loud to yourself that, “I am consistent in my daily tasks. I will complete each one on time.” Notice that this statement is in present tense. Affirming your intentions in this way forces your subconscious to act in the moment and not later on. If you want to be more consistent in completing tasks every day, you must consistently push your subconscious to deliver these results by using self-affirming statements. They can help you to develop the consistency which you desire.

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Adjust your concept of time 

Many of us put off tasks that we wish to do to a later time. This is known as procrastination. We convince ourselves that there is still some time during which we can do what we need to. This does not lead to consistency. Instead of thinking that you have all the time in the world, focus on convincing yourself that the only time you have is right now. Everything that needs to be done must be accomplished right now. Strive to be disciplined in the moment. Live and work in the present. If you maintain this attitude and complete the tasks that you are supposed to, your present effort can take care of your condition tomorrow.

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The Important Take Away

Consistency is the key to achieving success in any endeavor. Ensuring that you complete your tasks on time every day is important if you want to move forward. Being consistent builds confidence and grit. By following the tips above, you will be able to stay focused on your work and deliver high quality results every time.