Success in life is a result of action and habits. You must take action and develop the habits that are common among successful individuals. Do you want to achieve your dreams? If so, you must focus your actions on the things that you are passionate about and develop habits that keep you focused on your path. Incorporate constructive habits into your daily life so as to get closer to your success. Once you adopt them, you will find yourself being more passionate about your ambitions. Read on to discover 20 habits that you must develop to become successful.

1. Note down three items that you are happy and grateful about every day

Studies have confirmed that people who are optimists are able to achieve more in life than pessimists. To create optimism in your life, simply find three things in your life which you are happy and grateful to have. Gratitude fosters optimism and when you make it a habit, you will be a step closer to success.

2. Keep a daily journal and perform monthly reviews

It takes discipline to keep a daily journal. Writing down the events that happen in your life on a daily basis requires dedication. By simply keeping a journal, you are developing the skills required for success in life. Moreover, a journal gives you clarity and reviewing it helps you to identify how far you have come. This further motivates you to keep going.

3. Start making constructive sacrifices

For you to achieve success, you must sacrifice your desire for short term gains so as to achieve long term benefits. We are all tempted to spend every last coin on flashy things that we want. However, it is more beneficial to save this money for long term gains. This principle will help you to be successful in life.

4. Invest in things or experiences that will help you in improving yourself

It is actually advisable to spend on entertainment. You should always reward yourself for a job well done. However, always spend more on items or experiences that will get you closer to your dreams. Never spend money to impress your peers or boost your self image. Be content with who you are and invest in yourself.

5. Eat healthy food and exercise regularly

Part of being successful in life is having a mind and body that are healthy. If you are sick, you can't work to your full potential. Pick 3 to 4 days out of your week and engage in an hour or two of exercise on these days. Moreover, eat healthy and nutritious food. In this way, your mind and body will be strong enough to navigate your path to success.

6. Do not hang out with unsuccessful people

People who are unsuccessful have a negative energy around them. If you hang out with them, you can pick up this energy and it will prevent you from achieving your own success. It is a well known fact that we pick up habits from the people we hang out with. Therefore, choose to hang out with successful people and adopt their habits. This will help you to achieve success.

7. Be curious about your environment

To be successful, you should be as curious as possible about the things that are around you. They could be structures, animals, processes, trees, flowers or even other people. By fostering this habit, you are able to observe challenges around you that you could solve and get closer to success.

8. Share your simplest experiences with other people

One of the simplest and basic activities that we perform every day is taking a meal. You can decide to have your lunch on your own. However, it is more rewarding to have it with other people that you love and admire. This is a way to invest in them and learn from them too.

9. Always take responsibility for your actions

When you make a mistake, don't try to cover it up. You always have the option to lie or blame someone else. This does not get you any closer to your success. Own your mistakes. This improves your sense of responsibility and makes you stronger. After that, take steps to fix your mistakes and make everything better.

10. Take calculated risks

This is a habit that is shared by the most successful people in the world. You should view risks as opportunities which you can exploit. Risks do not have to be profound or related to money. Even saying hi to a stranger that you are interested in is a risk. Ensure that the benefit outweighs the loss before you make a risky move and always create a safety net just in case. After taking a number of risks, you will find yourself becoming more brave.