Best foods for the brain

Have you ever heard the saying " You are what you eat." ? This saying is nothing else but the truth in five words, and the reason is that most of the foods that we eat daily have certain nutrients that will enhance our physical and mental health. Here, we will examine what are the super foods that will increase and maintain our brainpower at the top of its abilities.

1.Fish and fish oil products

Eating fish or fish derivatives is indeed a very good source of essential fatty acids, omega-3 may be the term we are most familiar with, this previous term is particularly important for anyone who wants to be able to have a healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Many studies has been conducted and most of them all merge at the benefits of the omega-3 ( EPA and DHA) which is not produced in our bodies. some examples of what omega-3 can do for you may be to : increase your cognitive function (brainpower yeah!),  prevent Alzheimer's disease and improve cardiovascular function to say a few. Other sources of EFA can include walnut oil, soya bean oil and pumpkin seeds.

2. Pumpkin seeds

Alright, this is an easy way to increase your cognitive skills and memory, and since they are not that expensive, especially when unshelled, which happens to be the best part since the layer underneath the shell contains a higher concentration of zinc and when opening them, the friction between the layers increases the concentration of zinc in the seeds. This previous element, zinc, optimizes cognitive skills (brainpower!) and increases memory.

3. Broccoli

Now you understand why since you were young you have always been told to eat the broccolis, which are a very good source of vitamin K and can help in the detoxification in our bodies. Coming back to vitamin K, which helps too in optimizing your brainpower and cognitive function as well as many other benefits including cancer prevention.

4. Cashews and other nuts

Nuts and especially cashews are a very good source of zinc, magnesium and copper that help greatly in the development of bone and cognitive tissues as well as lowering weight gains (bad weight, not the one we go to the gym for!), copper is also very important for energy production, and magnesium plays a role in the regulation of calcium channeling in our nerve cells, which helps in keeping a more relaxed nerves.

The Important Take Away

The above foods contain many nutrients that help greatly both in the optimization of our cognitive skills and in the prevention of many other health related issues, naming only 4 is very little and for sure there are many other foods that are sources that can be added to this list, but starting only with those will for sure set you on the good track.