Snacking can be a healthy way to gain more energy throughout the day. However, sometimes snacking can be detrimental to our health if we are taking in unhealthy food items. From extremely buttery popcorn at the movie theater to candy bars that are full of empty calories, snacking can either build up or tear down your diet. Our overall goal should be to improve our health. Our daily choices can make a huge difference in how we feel and how our bodies function. If you are looking for a healthier alternative to snacking, we will discuss four ways to make snacks that can improve your health today.

Go For Fiber

Fiber is important to proper digestive processes within your body. Fiber filled snacks can aid this process which determines where the extra fat is stored as well as what exits your body. Kale, bok choy and iceberg lettuce are all great sources of fiber. You can mix these up into a nice salad, or perhaps add some kale in a smoothie with some fiber full sweet fruits. If you are craving something a bit more, you can sauté the kale or lettuce with some olive oil for a nice side dish for any meal, or a quick snack. If greens are not your thing, you can always grab a nice, juicy pear which is full of the fiber your body needs. If you are looking for something sweet, you can put together some peanut butter with an apple. It is simply to add some much needed fiber into your daily diet. 

Add Some Antioxidants

Antioxidants are great for heart health and can lower your risk for infection. What better way to improve your overall health than with adding more antioxidants into your diet? Tomatoes are an amazing source of antioxidants. You can nibble on some cherry tomatoes that are small, sweet and great for packing. Or, you can make some quick salsa with a side of tortilla chips for a punch of something extra. You can also nibble on some fat-free string cheese for a source of these antioxidants as well. This is an easy packable snack that you can take with you anywhere you need to go. 

Juice It Up

Vegetable and fruit juices are great sources of all kinds of healthy things including much needed vitamins and minerals. If you are not a fan of veggies, you can mix up a juice of fruits and vegetables and drink it much like a smoothie with some apple added for sweetness. Juicing allows your body to get all of the good things that whole vegetables sometimes hide in their skin or their core. Juicing is also a very portable snack alternative that can be taken anywhere. It is convenient and very simple to do. It is also a very tasty and easy way to get in all of your fruits and vegetables that are recommended in a day’s time. You can choose less sugary fruits for an added health boost and add some kale for a super food punch. 

Grab Some Chocolate

Don’t grab just any chocolate, but grab some dark chocolate. This is great news for those of us with a serious sweet tooth. Dark chocolate is also an amazing source of antioxidants and perhaps the best source of it. It can also aid in your heart health and fight against heart disease. Chocolate also lifts your spirits and can give you energy to get through the day. You can eat the dark chocolate by itself or perhaps dip some fruit in it for a nice twist. There are various forms of dark chocolate ranging from low percents to 100% dark. You can guarantee there is something for everyone when it comes to chocolate. 

The Important Take Away

From chocolate to yummy fruit, there is a snack solution out there for everyone. Smart snacking is a way to boost your energy levels, fight against disease or the common cold and can also support healthy digestive processes. There are hundreds of ways to snack smart and there is plenty of room for creativity. Do your body and your mind a favor and grab a healthy snack between meals.