As we enter a new age, we all desire to live both longer and healthier lives. At this point in time there is many ways that this can be achieved. Working out and fitness, a healthy diet, or a much less talked about way, supplements. In this article we are going to go over multiple supplements that can benefit your health.

1. L-Glutamine

We’ll start out with a supplement that is not often talked about: L-Glutamine. This is one of the most beneficial supplements to ever consider, yet, is not frequently recognized. L-Glutamine is a regularly occurring amino acid in the body. This amino acid directly correlates to how your body intakes nitrogen, including the intake that plays a large roll in how successful you are with your endeavor to work out. When you work out you lose L-Glutamine that helps you sustain a healthy balance that will be beneficial to both losing weight and developing muscle. This can be found in most daily vitamins, but is frequently overlooked.

2. Vitamin C

The next supplement is probably also the most used as well as common one. Vitamin C, it has a plethora of benefits to anyone who takes it on a daily basis. The most clear benefit for Vitamin C is that is helps in keeping you healthy. It has been known to fight off malignant cells in the body, which if you are looking for a healthy lifestyle, this supplement is a must. It can be found in generally all daily vitamins. Be careful though, if you take multiple supplements a day, you have to pay attention to the dosage of it.

3. Creatine

We will now discuss creatine, this certainly has the worst reputation of all supplements around. Generally, it is publicized that creatine almost duplicates the same affects as steroids. This is false, it is a naturally occurring acid within the body with many benefits. Being associated with steroids, it has the given reputation that it helps produce more muscle. This is absolutely true, it specifically translates to you being able to use more energy when working out. This supplement is not in your everyday vitamin, you usually need to acquire it through a special work out formula.

4. ZMA

ZMA, we really don’t come across this supplement in casual conversations. This supplement is very beneficial to us, especially if we are also working out along with it. This is mostly used as a recovery supplement, it helps you feel better quicker and your muscles will increase quicker. This is something you have to specifically look for on the label of your supplements.

5. Glucosamine

If we are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and want to work out effectively we have to discuss glucosamine. This is naturally occurring in the human body, it has been recorded with having a very positive affect on our joints and cartilage. No matter if you work out or not, this is something you want to take to help you in later stages of life. If taken daily it can certainly help with being able to get around when you are older. This is a supplement that is found in a large amount of daily regiments, but check your label to be safe.

6. Sesamin

This supplement is one usually more for people looking to lose weight. While I believe we all good fine the way we are, personally we all feel like we could lose a couple pounds. Sesamin, which is found in everyday sesame seeds. This has two main components, first it helps the body burn existing fat which is done when sesamin oxidizes fat cells so you burn them easier with your excursion of energy. The other benefit, is that it tells your body to store less fat when you intake calories. It looks like you will be able to eat that cupcake after all.

The Important Take Away

With this information we all can get a little healthier a day at a time. Not all of the supplements are household names, so it is vital that we all do our own research to find what supplements fit us best. Just remember that taking these right now can be greatly beneficial to you in the future, after all, who doesn’t want to live longer or have that extra edge?