Sometimes, all you need to do is get some much needed shut eye after a long day. When you hit the weekend, sleeping in feels amazing after a long week of work. However, if you are not currently an early riser, you may want to change your morning habits. There are amazing benefits available to you when you wake up at 5 AM every morning that can bring you health and productivity, two things that are important for success. In this article, we will discuss six of the benefits that you will receive when you wake up first thing of a morning. 

1. Sync Your Mind and Body with a Schedule

It is important for our overall health and wellbeing to have a sleep schedule. When your body knows when to shut down, it can be easier to fall asleep. When your body knows when to wake up, it can work more effectively, causing you to wake up without six cups of coffee first. You can sync your mind and body with a schedule. If you wake up every day at 5 AM, you are allowing your body to get used to waking in the morning and falling asleep the night before. After awhile, your body will have its own internal alarm clock that will know when it is time to wake, allowing you to have more energy for your morning routine. 

2. Extra Time for Planning

We understand how difficult it can be to do your weekly planning and get organized in the evening after a long day at work. Waking up at 5 AM allows you to have some extra time to organize yourself and plan the day ahead. This will allow you to be extra productive during the day and also prepares you for the tasks you need to accomplish. You will not feel rushed to get this done and will have time to really think about your schedule and how to make it all fit. If you meal plan, you can get this done for the week. If you have exams or assignments, you can plan out some time to get those things done and maybe even get some extra study time! 

3. Early Morning Exercise

If you wake up at 5 AM, this gives you more time to work on your overall fitness. Your health depends on your activity level and exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle. We know it can be difficult to fit this in once you are home for the night. However, if you wake up in the morning and give yourself time, you would be surprised how much exercise you can get in. You can go for a walk, go to the gym or even have time to walk your dog. Whatever it is, waking up early can allow you to get it in. 

4. Peace and Quiet

Waking up before the rest of the house does can provide you with a couple hours of much needed alone time. Alone time is good for your focus which helps your productivity and health in many ways. You can drink your tea and perhaps read a book in peace, or work on a project that needs to be completed without interruptions. This time slot may be easier to get than one in the evening before bed. Relish in the moments you have at 5 AM and watch the sunrise, go for a jog or read the newspaper. Just relax and breathe for a few moments. 

5. More Time

As far as productivity goes, there is no better way to get in more time in the day. Every hour you spend sleeping is an hour you could be using for something else in the mornings. Sleep is important however, oversleeping can cut you short on time. Waking up at 5 AM allows you a few more hours to accomplish what needs to be done before the busy day and evening approaches. This can give you more family time in the evening, or more time to relax after work. 

6. Be Prepared

Waking up earlier in the morning can prepare you for your day ahead. Perhaps your babysitter calls you sick. This gives you much needed time to solve this issue before it is too late. Do you have a bill that is due today? Waking up early allows you to be prepared for it and get the job done. Preparing for the day ahead by picking out your clothes, eating a good breakfast or fuelling up your vehicle allows you to stave off any issues that may arise later. 

The Important Take Away

There are plenty of reasons to wake up early. It may seem impossible right now. However, your body will get use to the change and soon you will wake up energized and ready to start your day. We all need extra time. Waking up at 5 AM every day allows you the extra time you need.