Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, everything is perfect and things are going how we want them to. At this time, we are happy and full of enthusiasm. On the other hand, we may encounter challenges. They make our lives difficult, dark, dreary and even scary. Examples of such challenges are losing your job, breaking up with someone you loved, getting sick or losing a friend or family member. These are brutal experiences that can knock the wind out of your sails. While we may want to simply panic, run or lose all hope, it is during such times that we should cultivate peace of mind. It is the time to press forward and focus on what keeps us at peace. It is said that real wealth is peace of mind and here is how to find it when going through tough times.

Forgive those who hurt you

We may go through tough times because some people put us there. Someone can betray, frame or tell lies about you. These can get you into tough times and cause you to lose something or someone valuable. It gets worse if they get away with it. You can feel so much hate, bitterness and disgust for this person. You may even feel vindictive and want to get revenge. Unfortunately, none of these feelings promote peace of mind. The only way to get some peace during such times is to forgive these people. It is not because they deserve it, but because you need to have some peace in your life. If someone hurts you, do not let the spirit of vengeance corrupt your soul. Forgive them and you will feel free, light and have peace of mind.

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Accept your current circumstances

According to Christopher L. Bennett, the things that cause us to be troubled in our spirits are within our hearts. We must face, accept and set each one of them aside. This is the only way to achieve peace of mind. We all have certain expectations of how we want our lives to look like. When things do not turn out as we expected, we often feel sad and disappointed. This robs us of peace. It is important to note that the world is not obliged to give us exactly what we want. However, it does give us exactly what we need. We can then learn the lessons that will get us to the things that we want. Therefore, we should relax our expectations and accept our lives as they are. We should practice being present in every moment of our lives, including the tough ones. When we do this, the lessons turn into sources of hope, understanding and peace of mind.

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You are not alone

Whenever you are in a dark spot, do not feel alone. Don't feel as though you have to face your challenges all by yourself. You always have someone who you can tell what you are going through. You know this particular person in your life. Call upon them when you are navigating the tough times of your life. Don't expect them to solve your issues. Simply let them come through and provide a shoulder to cry on when things get tough. It does not matter how weird, pathetic or embarrassing your situation may be, there is somebody who has gone through the same and will offer a word of encouragement to help restore your peace of mind.

Check yourself and remember that everything will be alright eventually

When you are in a tough point of life, it is easy to become full of negative feelings. Your mind is full of negativity and conjures up images of failure, hopelessness and despair. If left unchecked, these thoughts and negative feelings can overwhelm you. If this happens, you can become depressed or even suffer a stroke. Therefore, when you are going through tough times, check yourself every once in a while and remember that all will be well eventually. Just like all the negative moments of life, this one will pass too. Doing this restores your peace of mind.

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Trust yourself

Whenever you are in a tough situation, it is important to know that things are not as bad as you think. Over time, you will heal and grow. Eventually, all will work out as you desire. According to philosophers and life gurus, everything works out in the end in the general way that we hope. We often face tough times when we choose the path that we feel is right for us but is different from that which is taken by everyone else. During the tough parts of this path, we can feel alone and despondent. During such times, simply trust yourself. Follow your intuition, give your best and move forward every day a single step at a time. No matter how hard it is, maintain faith and focus on the future. Ultimately, you will find that all will work out as you desire and you will achieve peace of mind. As a matter of fact, when hard work, love and persistence are combined, they do not lead anyone astray.

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Face your discomfort

None of us enjoys our most uncomfortable situations. We spend our time running from discomfort and unfamiliar situations. Hence, when we are finally trapped in an uncomfortable position, it is easy to feel helpless and panic. Instead of feeling like you have no control, you can actually face the uncomfortable situation and explore it. Maybe it is not as bad as you think it is. Embrace the unpleasant feelings of discomfort and you will gradually find yourself becoming relieved. You are no longer fighting discomfort but embracing it. This leads to peace of mind.

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The Important Take Away 

Life is like a rollercoaster. At one moment, you may be riding high on joyful experiences and the next you may deep down in sadness all by yourself. The tough times suck the energy out of us. They make us lose hope and even become angry or desperate. It is at this time when we need peace of mind the most. Therefore, whenever you are facing some tough times, use the tips indicated above to restore your peace. They can put a smile on your face and help you see a silver lining in your dark cloud.