6 ways to feel more energetic

When exercising, and even just throughout the day, we want and need to keep our minds and bodies alter so that we can feel more alive. This is very important for daily functioning, and sadly it is often something that people suffer from. However this caused by a variety of reasons like not sleeping or eating well enough. If you are one of these people, then do not fear as we are here to tell you of some great ways to keep your mind and bodies full of energy. We have scoured our sources and have found that these are some of the best ways to keep yourself feeling ready to tackle any day without feeling laziness or tiredness. Look through these tips and give them a try.

Start everyday with a 10 minutes workout

Getting up early and starting your day with a 10 minute workout can be a fantastic way to get your body revved up and ready to go. Unlike an hour run which will drain you, a 10 minute workout can be just as effective and will seriously boost your energy levels in the process. Even doing a 10 minute workout during your lunch break can refresh your mind and give you the confidence to combat anything that comes your way throughout the day.

Make a smoothie using Chia seeds

Chia seeds are a great source of energy that are as effective as taking a shot of coffee, so adding them up to your breakfast smoothie will give you a quick boost to get your day going, and won't reduce you to unhealthier caffeine alternatives. Surprisingly coffee does not energize you in the way we are often told that it does. It can give a quick boost but people often find that too much can make you feel sluggish later on during the day.

Sleep well

We all know how bad sleep can effect your energy levels and mood, this is why it is so so important to make sure that you sleep well. You can do this by having a set bed time and wake up time. Having a regular bedtime routine can really improve your energy levels and you won't be feeling drained the next day from bad sleep. Some also feel more energized after having a quick nap. Spreading some power naps throughout the day may also be of great help.

Never skip any meals

Skipping meals, and not getting your source of energy throughout the day is going to seriously effect your energy levels. Food is our only source of energy to keep us going during the day, this is why it is so important that you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are trying to lose weight, instead of simply cutting out food altogether actually replace the bad food with healthy alternatives, this will ensure weight loss and higher energy levels.

Reduce stress through meditation

After that you go for that 10 minute workout, do some morning meditation in order to reduce stress. Stress can often pull people down, and make them feel sluggish. You really don't want this as it can really affect your day, so it is highly recommended that you do at least ten minutes of meditation in the morning which will take you away from any stress and relieve it in the process.

Eat the right energy giving foods

Eating such foods as nuts, yogurts and fish can really keep your mind and body fresh during the day. Eating other healthy foods can also really boost your energy levels whereas something unhealthy and full of carbs may not have the same effect as a simple apple. You would be surprised how much healthier alternatives can actually be better for your energy levels and mood.

Bonus:Take cold showers

Taking cold showers or even adding a 30 seconds cold shower to your mornings might be a good way to wake you up in morning. As well as helping with your blood circulation, cold showers help you also get more awake in the morning by eliminating completely the natural feeling of sluggishness. 

The Important Take Away 

So now that you are aware of these different ways to  feel more energetic, will you be trying any of these tips? Which ones and how did they effect you in the process? Did you feel more energized or did they have little effect? We would love to hear what you think. Also hey, give this article a share so that all your friends and family can know how they can boost their energy levels too!