In the 16th century, Juan Ponce de Leon was in search of a mythical water source that could change the destiny of humanity. He was in search of the fountain of youth. Having heard whispers that there was a fountain whose water could cure all disease and restore youth, he made it his life's mission to find it. Nobody knows if he really found it. However, we do know that modern scientists have made a discovery that could very well be our fountain of youth. This discovery is NAD+. Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a compound of chemical nature which is found in every single cell in our bodies. It is derived from Nicotinamide Riboside. Its levels in the body determine the speed of the aging process. More NAD+ results in younger cells, tissue and body overall. Here is how to naturally boost NAD+ and its contribution to the anti-aging process.

The contribution of NAD+ to the anti-aging process

Every living mammal today has NAD+ in its cells. The levels of this chemical in the body are directly related to the process of aging. As we increase in age, the levels of NAD+ in our bodies reduce. This means that this chemical is inversely proportional to advancing age. Scientists and nutritionists have found that we can actually raise the level of NAD+ in the body artificially. This can be done using supplements containing this chemical. An example of such a supplement is Niagen. This can trick the body into thinking that it is younger. Thus, the characteristics of youth can resume in us. Examples of these are mental acuity, enthusiasm, physical strength, high energy, positive motivation and passion. This chemical could restore and maintain our youth when consumed.

How does it work to restore youth?

NAD+ facilitates the transfer of energy to our cells from the food we consume. This is done in a process known as oxidation. Under normal conditions, whenever our cells need to conduct some specific functions, they demand energy from the blood stream. This energy is found in the form of fatty acids and glucose. NAD+ performs the task of getting these energy sources from the blood to the cells which require it. This results in high levels of mental and physical energy. NAD+ is responsible for performing very important biological processes which are related to aging. These ones reverse the process of growing old by making body cells look and behave younger.

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The various activities performed by NAD+ to keep us young

One of the processes that NAD+ performs to make us look younger is to activate Sirtuin Genes in the body. It also enhances the growth of mitochondria and boosts their efficiency. This increases the mental and physical energy of body cells. Also, NAD+ increases metabolism as well as cognitive health. This actually reverses the effect of advancing age on the brain. To make the body younger, NAD+ increases the sensitivity to insulin. This results in healthier levels of sugar in the blood. Last but not least, NAD+ repairs DNA. By performing all these tasks, NAD+ ensures that the body remains young. Unfortunately, advancing age reduces the amount of this amazing chemical in the body. This brings about old age. By replacing NAD+ in the body through supplementation, you can replenish its levels and experience youth again, no matter how many years you have walked upon the earth. Apart from taking supplements, there are some natural sources of this chemical. Here they are.

Natural sources of NAD+

Dairy milk

Cow milk is a great source of Nicotinamide Riboside (NR). This is the precursor of NAD+. Thus, taking it gives you a good dose of some age-defying goodness. According to a study performed by the University of Iowa, there is 3.9 μmol of NAD+ per liter of cow's milk. By taking cow's milk every day, you can boost the levels of this chemical compound in your body and get younger day by day.


Known for its strong aroma and soft white meat, fish is consumed all over the world. Some varieties of fish have pretty high amounts of NAD+ in them. Examples of these are tuna, sardines and salmon. According to a nutritional study, tuna contains 20.5mg (milligrams) of NAD+ while salmon contains 10.1mg per cup of the chemical compound.

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Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Many people take it to celebrate or simply to relax after a long day at work. Studies have found that this beverage contains yeast. Hence, it is a source of NAD+. As such, responsible drinking can grant you the benefit of youth over time.

The Crimini Mushroom

Mushrooms are a popular type of food among various societies around the globe. They are cooked into a stew or made into a soup. They are some of the foods which contain NAD+. In every cup of Crimini Mushroom, you can get 3.3mg of NAD+.


This well-known bird has some of the tastiest meat available today. You can get it grilled, roasted or stewed. Chicken meat is a good source of NAD+. It contains 9.1mg (milligrams) of this chemical compound. Therefore, never pass up a chance to eat some chicken. You can get younger with every tasty bite.


This is one of the most essential components in making bread and cakes. Yeast makes the dough rise. Interestingly, it contains Nicotinamide Riboside (NR). This is the precursor to NAD+. Hence, consuming pastries which have some yeast in it can contribute to growing younger. As a matter of fact, yeast actually contains more NAD+ per part than milk.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables are well known to contain all sorts of good nutrients. Now, they have been proven to contain the youth promoting NAD+ chemical compound. Peas and asparagus are some of the vegetables which have some amount of this chemical. They contain 3.2mg and 2mg of NAD+ per cup respectively.

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The Important Take Away

Modern research and technology have completed the quest of Juan Ponce de Leon. We have found the fountain of youth. Instead of some remote island, it is everywhere around us in the food that we eat and the beverages we drink. A variety of edibles have been indicated above. They all contain the youth restoring chemical known as NAD+. Including them in your diet is one of the best health decisions you can make today.