We all know the familiar feeling of the afternoon slump. You get back from your lunch break and sit down to focus on the remaining work for the day. But, you’re missing something. Something crucially important to get through the remainder of the day… Energy! This afternoon slump could be caused by a number of reasons. Sleep deprivation, poor diet, medications, carbohydrate overload, dehydration and low iron are all possible causes for lack of energy. 

Most people tend to rely on a cup of coffee or buy a chocolate bar from the snack machine, but those are not long-lasting solutions to your lack of energy. Thankfully there are a number of foods to help give your body a boost! There are 8 foods you need daily for higher levels of energy. 

But wait, how can I incorporate these 8 foods into my diet everyday? It’s easy. You’ll notice that nutritionist and health fanatics lack a ton of variety in their diets. For some this is boring, but once you start feeling the benefits of the vitamins and minerals within these foods, you’ll understand why you need these 8 foods for higher levels of energy. You’ll feel the energy and effects of these 8 foods for higher levels of energy. 

1. Oatmeal

Begin your day by eating a delicious serving of oatmeal. Oatmeal isn’t always thought of as being a healthy, energy boosting food because of its carbohydrates. However, this food is proven to give you an energy boost because of the amount of fiber within each serving. This fiber provides long lasting energy that will be sure to get you through the first part of your day. The fiber in oatmeal takes far longer to digest which provides on-going energy; where as, other breakfast choices like Poptarts or toast and jelly do not. Sugary breakfast foods do not allow your blood-sugar levels to stay stable; therefore it causes that familiar sugar crash we are all familiar with. For these reasons, Oatmeal is top on our list of 8 foods you need daily for higher levels of energy. It pays to start your day off right! 

2. Salmon

Health and fitness professionals will often tell you that Salmon is a great go-to food for healthy eating. They are right. In fact, many often include this delicious protein into their diet everyday. Salmon is considered a brain food that is packed with omega-3 fatty acids and protein. The benefits of eating salmon daily include: higher levels of energy, improved memory, lower blood pressure, reduce depression, and better overall mood. Best of all, canned salmon reaps just as many benefits for longer energy as fresh salmon. 

3. Black Beans

Out of all the beans in world, fill your day with a serving of black beans! Black beans come packed with anthocyanins, these antioxidant compounds are known to help your brain function and get through those energy slumps! Don’t worry you don’t have to eat a huge serving; you can reap the energy benefits from these beans in just a cup of black beans a day! 

4. Kale

One might think that leafy greens are not worth incorporating into their diet, but eating the right leafy green is the answer! Kale provides far more health benefits than iceberg lettuce. For this reason, it is number 4 on our list of 8 foods to eat daily for higher levels of energy. Kale can be consumed a number of ways: raw, sautéed, baked, or chopped. Regardless of how you choose to eat it, you’ll still benefit from the number of antioxidants, fiber, and L-tyrosine amino acid that Kale provides resulting in higher levels of energy.  

5. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt should be one of the foods you eat everyday to boost your energy. But why should we buy Greek yogurt? Why not eat the cheaper, less expensive yogurt? Well, we all know that cheaper prices catch our eye, but when it comes to our health, we should focus on what provides more for our bodies. Greek yogurt is number 5 on our list of 8 foods to eat daily for higher levels of energy because it is jam packed with protein! If you were to compare Greek yogurt to the nutritional facts of a regular yogurt, you would see that Greek yogurt has double or triple the amount of protein as some brands. Greek yogurt can be consumed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a snack because it is so easy to prepare and provides the proteins our body needs to stay energized and focused! 

6. Almonds

Don’t forget to include a serving of almonds into your daily routine! Almonds contain essential nutrients like B vitamins and magnesium. These nutrients work to convert our food to energy. Without enough Vitamin B in our diet, we feel fatigued, irritable, and are unable to concentrate when necessary. 

7. Eggs

Eggs are an easy, go-to food for energy. Eggs are filled with protein, which is why many health officials have eggs for breakfast everyday. One egg offers over 6 grams of protein. Eggs do not cause a surge in insulin; therefore they provide a steady source of energy. Just as almonds provide several B vitamins, eggs provide essential energy producing nutrients like B12 and B6, folate, thiamin, and riboflavin. 

8. Sweet Potatoes

Ending our list of 8 foods that you need daily for higher levels of energy is sweet potato. Don’t worry; even though potatoes are known to be high in carbohydrates, sweet potatoes contain other essential vitamins to boost your energy levels. Sweet potatoes provide Vitamin C and D, iron, magnesium and potassium. These nutrients work together to fight the afternoon slump!

There you have it! Each of these 8 foods can be incorporated into your diet easily each day. Remember to plan your meals and snacks ahead of time! And if you ever know any other "super food" share it with us!