Testosterone is a hormone that is fundamentally produced in the testicles. Society regards it as the source of manhood. Interestingly, women also have some testosterone in their bodies. It is produced in their ovaries. Men have much higher levels of this hormone. It plays a major role in the sexuality of males. Testosterone is responsible for the functioning of the reproductive system, the growth of muscle, keeping a high bone density, maintaining ideal levels of red blood cells and promoting the growth of hair.

This hormone also promotes emotional and psychological conditions such as aggressiveness, competitiveness and the enthusiasm to mate. Sadly, the levels of this hormone in the bodies of men begin to reduce at around the age of 30. They keep going down as he ages too. This is caused by exposure to chemical compounds such as statin and consuming foods and fluids that have compounds which mimic estrogen. Do you feel as though the levels of this hormone in your body are dwindling? Here are 8 effective ways to boost your testosterone levels naturally.

Drop the pounds

If you are overweight, you can increase the levels of testosterone in your body by exercising and losing weight. This is a discovery that was made in 2012 by the Endocrine Society. Men who are overweight are much more likely to have low levels of testosterone. Therefore, losing the weight is a sure way to boost the amount of this hormone in your body. One of the ways to begin the weight loss regimen is limiting the amount of sugar in your diet. Therefore, you should avoid foods such as fruit juice, soda, sweeteners and processed food. Ensure that you have less than 25 grams of sugar in your diet per day. Substitute the sugars with healthier options like vegetables. By establishing a healthy diet such as this one and engaging in some exercise, you are guaranteed to lose weight. This automatically increases the levels of testosterone in your body.

Perform high intensity exercises

You can naturally increase the amount of testosterone in your body by performing high intensity exercises. These have shown the ability to increase the levels of testosterone in your body. Also known as a peak fitness routine, high intensity exercise causes your body to increase its libido and testosterone levels. To perform this kind of exercise, begin by warming up for 3 minutes. After that, do an exercise as hard as you can for a total of 30 seconds. By the end of this time period you should feel as though you simply cannot go on. After that, take 90 seconds to recover. Repeat this routine 7 times. This should take you a total of 20 minutes. You can use any type of equipment or activity to perform this exercise. Make sure that you stretch properly before and after this exercise session. By doing his regularly, you will increase the levels of testosterone in your body.

Eat as much zinc as possible

Zinc is a mineral that is highly essential in the process of testosterone production. Therefore, you can consume zinc supplements to boost the levels of this mineral in your body. If you consume zinc regularly, you can observe a marked increase in the levels of this hormone in your body after only 6 weeks. Not only does zinc boost the production of testosterone, it helps your body to guard against anything that could reduce the levels of this hormone. Statistics indicate that 45% of men over the age of 60 have lower levels of zinc in their bodies than is required. Therefore, their levels of testosterone are also low. You can get higher levels of this hormone in your body by consuming foods which are rich in zinc. Examples of these are meat, fish, beans, milk, and yogurt. Basically, any source of protein is a good source of zinc. This is a sure way to increase the levels of testosterone in your body naturally.

Eat fat

Many people think of it as the ultimate destroyer of health but fat is actually a critical testosterone booster. Often associated with heart disease and too much cholesterol, fat has been proven to be a sure, natural way to boost your testosterone levels. The Journal of Applied Psychology indicates that consuming saturated and monounsaturated fats will dramatically increase the levels of testosterone in your body. You can get these fats from avocados, peanut butter, dark chocolate and red meat. So include these types of fat in your diet to enjoy elevated levels of testosterone.

Consume foods which are rich in cholesterol

As a matter of fact, testosterone comes from cholesterol. Therefore, if you are consuming a diet which is low in cholesterol, you can be sure that you are denying yourself this important hormone. Foods that have high amounts of saturated fats are great sources of cholesterol. Examples of these are lobster, egg yolks, red meat, squid and shrimp. To boost the levels of cholesterol in your body and increase your testosterone, consume sizeable servings of these foods on a daily basis.

Get more vitamin D into your system

This is one of the most important vitamins to boost testosterone. Men who have high levels of vitamin D in their bodies are able to produce much more free testosterone than those who do not. You can get this vitamin by consuming cheese, oily fish, orange juice, liver and soy milk. You can also get this valuable vitamin by getting some early morning sun every day.

Reduce your stress levels

Scientists, doctors and researchers everywhere all agree that stress is dangerous to us. It increases the level of a hormone known as cortisol in our bodies. When this hormone is too much in our systems, it reduces the levels of testosterone. As a result, we tend to eat more food, gain weight and accumulate unhealthy fat around major internal organs. These changes all have a negative impact on the levels of testosterone in our bodies. You can effectively prevent stress by avoiding stressful situations in your life. Moreover, get a healthy diet, exercise, sleep enough and worry less. This will naturally increase the levels of testosterone in your body.

Get enough, high quality sleep

Often ignored, sleep is essential in maintaining good overall health. Good quality sleep also has a positive effect on the levels of testosterone in your body. Many men sleep for only 5 hours a night. This is bound to reduce their testosterone levels by 15%. To avoid this, ensure that you sleep for 7 to 10 hours every night. This improves your long term health and naturally increases the levels of testosterone in your body.

The Important Take Away

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in the body of a man. It is essentially his manhood. It is involved in regulating his emotional, physical and psychological performance. Therefore, these natural methods of increasing its levels in the body are very important. Learn and practice them to become the man you always wanted to be.