Unbalanced lifestyles, responsibilities or simply self imposed burdens all have a one word in common: stress. It's undeniable that majority of us will have phases in which we will be more overwhelmed than usual, phases in which we worry and fret constantly. This could be about our financial obligations, a promising new position at work or even about our relationships. This constant worry ultimately leads to stress and if left unchecked, its consequences will have a negative impact on your health and productivity. Therefore, you should always find ways to detach, relax and eliminate stress. Here are some simple ways to eliminate overwhelm and stress from your life.

Identify your stressors and manage them

Stressors are the factors which make you feel stressed out. Examples of these could be your job, finances, health or your relationship. To manage them, come up with a top 10 list of the stressors in your life. After this, proceed to identify which ones you can eliminate, the ones you can adjust and those which you can live with. This process should help you to get rid of any stressors which are irrelevant and reduce the ones which you can. It should also help you to identify the ones you can live with. In most cases, you will find that identifying and managing stressors eliminates 75% of the stress you experience.

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Don't procrastinate

This is the number one time-wasting habit among us today. By putting off what we can do now to later, we accumulate tasks and find that they either become too much to handle or they take up some other precious time which we could have put to better use. When we procrastinate important tasks such as our job obligations, we pile stress upon ourselves. Thus, eliminate procrastination from your life so as to prevent stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

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Get rid of commitments which are not necessary in your life

Commitments are responsibilities which we feel must be performed. Each one of us has a collection of commitments in our lives. Examples of these are work, family, civic duty, religious activity, sports and hobbies. Some of these commitments cause us stress. In most cases, these are actually responsibilities which we can eliminate from our schedules. Therefore, list down your commitments and cross off the ones which are irrelevant. Be extremely objective with this and eliminate them brutally. This will leave you with a lot of extra time, space and capacity to focus on the ones which are less stressful and fulfilling in your life.

Eliminate negativity

In everything which happens to us, we always have two choices, to be positive or to be negative about it. When we face some misfortune, bad luck or negative turn of events, we are tempted to become angry, sad, hopeless or depressed. All the while, we have the chance to be positive about it and rise again. Feeling sad, down or distraught about anything can cause you to get immensely stressed. Too much worry leads to depression and this is a life threatening condition. Therefore, try to see the opportunity in every problem and the possibility of success in every failure. Moreover, when negative things happen to you, don't take them to heart. Simply say to yourself, "Oh, well." This helps you to let them go and trains your brain to pay them no mind. it is an effective way to eliminate negativity and boost positivity in your life.

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Divide and conquer the factors which are overwhelming you

When we feel overwhelmed, it is often because we feel that there is so much to do yet so little time and resources to do it. An effective way of preventing this feeling is identifying the overwhelming tasks, dividing them up into groups and tackling each group individually. This form of organization allows you see the work more clearly and helps you to create a strategy for completing it.

Prioritize your responsibilities

After organizing your outstanding tasks into manageable groups, you can then arrange these groups according to priority. The guiding factor should be how they make you feel. Out of all the activities which you hope to complete, there are those which empower you. They make you feel smarter or more competent. Are there are some activities which are actually your hobbies in these categories? Moreover, are there are some which you are highly skilled in? Pick out the ones which fit these descriptions and complete them first. This will give you the motivation and capability to complete all the others in record time.

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Give your mind a rest

Stress can be brought on by working for too long with no breaks. Just like any other muscle, our brains experience fatigue. Therefore, it is important to give them regular breaks. This does not mean that you can simply sit in front of the TV and watch shows all day. Even in rest, some part of your brain should be gently stimulated. Thus, seek out activities that bring calm to your mind. Examples of these are admiring art, taking a walk in the great outdoors and listening to calming music. These activities stimulate your abstract brain and give your analytical one a chance to relax.

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Don't stress about imaginary things

Often, we find ourselves stressing about things which have not happened yet. We could be stressing about failing some examination or even the outcome of an investment. By taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, we find that our stressor is not even as important as we thought. We find that worrying does not help the situation and we would be be better off relaxing and letting things run their course. Most of the time, the things which we worry about do not even happen. Therefore, stop stressing about misfortunes which have not yet happened because they might not occur at all.

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The Important Take Away

Today, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the various activities and responsibilities which we deal with. Our professional and personal lives have a lot of activity going on and sometimes we feel like we cannot handle them. The tips above can help you to overcome stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. They are informative guidelines which will definetely bring a positive impact to your life if applied consistently.