Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It has quite a number of benefits. Firstly, it helps to relieve stress. This keeps away detrimental conditions such as depression and anxiety. Exercise also keeps your body in good shape. This boosts your immune system and makes you more efficient in your day to day life. There are many types of exercises that you can perform. Some of the most reliable in the world come from the military. For hundreds of years, the armed forces have been engaging in specialized exercise routines. They do this to keep the soldiers strong and ready to perform at optimum levels whenever called upon. There are some military exercises that you too can adopt and perform daily at your home so as to achieve fitness and wellness. Here are 10 military exercises to do daily for a healthier body and mind.

The push up

This is a very common exericse that makes the upper body stronger. It works on the chest, upper abdomen and shoulder muscles. It also works on the triceps too. The military often use press ups to get fit. They are also occassionally used to instill discipline and resilience. You can perform this exercise at home so as to increase your upper body strength and tone your body. As you do the press up, remember to keep your back straight. If you are performing a regular press up routine, the distance between your palms should be the same as the width of our shoulders. As you press up, maintain a tempo of 1:1:1. This means that you should spend one second to get to the extended arms position, stay there for one second and then spend another second to get down again. You can do as many sets of 10 repetitions as you can.

The deadlift

Thisis an ideal military exercise to perform at home. It strengthens the shoulders, hamstrings and glutes. The back muscles are also strengthened by this exercise. You can deadlift with kettlebells or with a weighted bar. If you don't have these at home, a heavy bag will do. Lift it up to your chin while keeping legs apart and back straight. Target a tempo of 2:1:2. This means that it should take 2 seconds to lift it up, one second to hold it at your chin and two seconds to return the weight down. You can do as many sets of 10 repetitions as you can.

The plank

This is a popular military exercise. It strengthens the abdominal, back and shoulder muscles. It gives you the strength to control your core muscles. These are the muscles that protect your spine. Thus, they are very important. Ensure you keep your back straight as you perform the plank. Moreover, start with a holding time of 10 seconds and then work upwards as you get stronger.

The reverse lunge

This is an exerice from the military that works on your lower body. It makes your glutes, thighs and calves stronger. It is one of the exercises that works on multiple muscles at the same time. As you perform the reverse lunge, keep your back straight and maintain a tempo of 1:1:1. This means you should take 2 seconds to get down, spend one second at the bottom of the lunge and one second to get back up to standing position.

The squat

Also an exericise for the lower body, this is highly effective in keeping your lower body fit. Since it imitates the movement of sitting, a squat strengthens your thighs and hamstrings. Always keep a straight back as you squat. Moreover, Remember to keep a tempo of 2:1:2. Take 2 seconds to get down, one second down and two more to return to a standing position.

Calf raises

This is a military exercise that is designed to strengthen your calf muscles. To perform it, simply stand on an elevated area such as a stair with the front of your foot resting on it and the back of your foot hanging beyond the edge. After that, lift your other foot off the ground and push your body up and down with the foot that is on the stair. This effectively flexes the calf muscle on it and makes you stronger. You can do as many sets of 8 to 12 repetitions as you are able to.


Also known as sit ups, these are very helpful exercises for toning your abdominal muscles. The involve the rapid lifting and lowering of your upper torso while lying on the ground with your feet firmly planted on it. You can perform crunches with your legs extended straight in front of you. You can also perform them with your knees raised and your feet on the floor. There are many variations of the crunches. They include the right, left and bicycle crunches. Whichever type you choose, perform as many sets as you can of 5 to 10 repetitions daily for a healthy body.


One of the simplest exercises to perform is running. The armed forces take running very seriously. Soldiers run for miles with heavy backpacks on their shoulders. Lucky for you, a backpack full of weights is optional. To maintain a healthy body and mind, you should run for 20 to 30 minutes every day. This will keep your heart healthy and your body highly flexible too.

Chin ups

This is one of the most popular military exercises today. Chin ups strengthen your biceps, upper pectoral muscles and your triceps too. They also make your shoulders firm and toned. Simply find a bar where you can hook your palms around. Hold it firmly and with your legs off the ground, pull yourself up and down. Each pair of upward and downward movements is one repetition. You can do as many sets of 8 to 12 repetitions as possible.This exercise focuses on keeping your body healthy and strong.

Wall sits

Sitting against the wall sounds so easy, until you try it. It is a commonly used body weight exercise in the military. It demands that you sit with your back to the wall with your feet planted perpendicular to the ground. After that, you should keep your thighs parallel to the ground and arms forward. Holding this position for between ten and sixty seconds will strengthen your glutes, calves and back muscles. It is great to ensure you have a healthy body.

The Important Take Away

Performing some exercise on a daily basis is highly important for a healthy life. The routines indicated above are inspired by the military and are highly effective in ensuring that your body and mind are healthy and strong. For best results, they should be combined with a nutritious diet that is rich in protein.