Probiotics are a collection of yeasts and bacteria which are great for your health. They are especially good for your digestive system. Interestingly, our bodies are full of both good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are the good bacteria because they work to keep our digestive systems healthy. They occur naturally in the body. Moreover, they are also found in specific foods and supplements. Due to their benefits, some doctors actually suggest that their patients consume probiotics so as to treat diseases and adverse conditions in the digestive system. Their benefits have been widely spread in the media. Thus, you can find probiotics in various types of foods such as chocolate and even yogurt. Do you want to know more about these helpful bacteria? Here is more about probiotics health benefits and where you can get the best of them.

Top health benefits of probiotics

They help to balance the bacterial conditions in the digestive system

Probiotics are actually the good bacteria in your gut. One of their effects is to maintain the balance between good and bad bacteria in the digestive system. Sometimes, an imbalance can occur due to dietary issues, illness and the consumption of antibiotics. This form of imbalance can manifest in various ways. For example, you can develop allergies, obesity, mental health problems as well as problems with digestion. Probiotics work to restore this balance by increasing their rate of multiplication whenever there is a high level of bad bacteria. They also reduce their numbers if the bad bacteria reduces in amount. Thus, probiotics act as the health restoration mechanism in the internal environment of the gut.

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Probiotics can boost your mental health

Scientific studies have found connections between the health of your gut and your mental health. Thus, consuming probiotics to boost the health of your digestive system directly results in a better mental condition. Studies have shown that consuming the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains of probiotics can boost the health of your gut and cause relief from mental conditions such as autism, depression, anxiety, memory loss and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). As a matter of fact, medical researchers have found that consuming 100 grams of probiotic bateria derived from yogurt on a daily basis can cause significant relief from stress and depression. Moreover, it reduces the amount of C-reactive protein. This one causes inflammation in the body. As such, probiotic consumption can help to prevent swelling in the brain. Thus, consuming foods or supplements that are rich in probiotics can keep your mental faculties healthy and strong.

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Probiotics can keep your heart strong and healthy

One of the most beneficial effects of probiotics is boosting cardiovascular health. They accomplish this by reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. Specifically, probiotics derived from lactic sources are the ones which are most effective in reducing this type of cholesterol. Bile is a fluid that occurs in the body naturally. It helps in the digestive process. However, if it is reabsorbed into the body, it transforms into bad cholesterol. Therefore, probiotics break down this bile so as to prevent it from getting reabsorbed. Probiotic bacteria from yoghurt is highly effective in performing this task. Moreover, they lower the blood pressure. This reduces the chances of developing heart problems and keeps heart attacks at bay. Thus, probiotics can maintain good health in your heart in these two ways.

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Sources of the best probiotics


This is one of the best, most well-known sources of probiotics. Yogurt which is made from live-cultures is full of lactic probiotics. If it is handmade, even better. Some varieties of yogurt such as Greek yogurt that is made from cow, sheep or goat milk are especially rich in probiotics. To ensure that you buy yogurt that is highly potent in probiotic bacteria, seek to ensure that it comes from grass-fed animals. Moreover, make sure that it is organic in nature. Take a look at its nutritional information as well. It should not contain any artificial sweeteners, preservatives or sugar content. These additional ingredients normally reduce the strength of the probiotic bacteria. The more natural the yogurt is, the better.

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For two and a half millenia, the Japanese have prepared and consumed Miso soup. It is a major part of ancient medicine in this region. The people use it as a macrobiotic fluid for regulating the digestive system. As a matter of fact, much of the population in Japan and parts of China begin their day with a bowl of warm Miso soup. They do this so as to stimulate the body and activate the digestive system. Miso soup is made from soybeans which have been fermented and barley or rice. It is one of the richest sources of probiotics.


This is a fermented beverage that is made in Eastern Europe. For centuries, people in this region of the world have brewed this beverage and consumed it for its health properties. Kvass is rich in probiotics. Made by fermenting barley or rye, Kvass has a mild flavor. Recently, the ingredients have been changed to include carrots, beets, roots and fruit. This beverage contains potent lactobacilli probiotics. These ones cleanse the liver and purify the blood too.

The important take away

One of the ways to boost your overall physical and mental health is to consume probiotics. These are good bacteria. You can get them from various sources. Some of them have been indicated above. Probiotics have a wide range of benefits for us. Read through them above and include probiotics in your diet so as to experience a richer, healthier and fuller life.