One of the easiest activities you do eery day could save your life. A simple walk around the block, through the park, around your home, any of these options will allow you to live a longer life and see years far beyond what you originally thought. Exercise has been one of the most studied and most conventional means for explaining longer life, healthier habits, and overall happiness. And happiness, more than any of the other benefits of walking, is why more people will get up off their couches and get stepping into their new lifestyle. 

A study was done in Europe that tracked over 330,000 adults throughout a 12 year span. The results of that study were quite shocking, though both seem to correlate together in one way. You see, walking has been deemed a suitable enough exercise to preserve life. This ultimately makes sense, of course, as people used to walk tens of miles a day, due to a lock of wheeled transportation. The people who didn’t either died off or starved while their people moved one. But the walkers, they were happy knowing they could walk around and enjoy life. 

So what does it take to make your life happier? Well, it’s simple, all you have to do is walk for twenty minutes per day. That’s it. Just twenty minutes per day. You can make that up in your morning schedule, your lunch break, or your after dinner digestion relaxation. Whenever you choose to walk around, just remember to take in the sights around you as well. Most will make you happier if you feel safe where you are walking. You will get to see wildlife, breath fresh air, and just take a step back to revel in seeing all of nature’s colors. 

Now, this happiness can only be supplemented by the side effects of going for this walk, other than just the recharging and relaxation of walking. At a speed of just 3 to 4 miles per hour, a person of average body weight for their gender and size could burn 90-110 calories per walk, meaning you could lose up to 550 calories per week just by walking! And nothing makes people happier than losing weight. The happiness that people gain from beginning to walk will show in other areas of their lives as well, since it will cause them to glow and look happier than ever before. 

Even better than losing weight, walking can literally save your life. Doing these bouts of short exercise, 20 minutes at a time, can have an amazing effect on your life as you continue your journey towards become healthy and happy. And, the endorphins that are let off from your body as you walk will show back up in your mood as you become happier, will work to elevate your mood for hours each day. This mood elevation is chemical, and as long as your body feels it is being stimulated, it will help you to feel happier.

Finally, the stress relief that comes from walking and taking in the sights and sounds of a remote park or green space is sure to make a person happier. When you have less stress in your life, you have more time to prioritize what you are doing in your life and decide what will make you happier. Some people enjoy a beach walk while others enjoy the woods more than anything else. So grab your dogs and take a walk to the park or just around your block, taking in that beautiful snapshot of nature around your home or business. 

The Important Take Away

Happiness can come from anywhere at any time. Whether you are walking alone and rocking out to music, walking with your dog and meeting all sorts of new people, or walking alone just to take in the beauty of nature that surrounds you, your happiness is sure to come out. And not only that, but your happiness will be a part of your healthier lifestyle. Committing to being aggressive in your workout plan by doing short, non-aggressive exercises will make it so that you are not having to try that hard to exercise, which makes everyone happy. Working out is daunting, but when promised a happiness through walking, daunting is not a word that can relate to walking. The happiness of walking is something that will bring smiles to your faces for years to come.