Yoga is one of the most famous alternative medicine therapies in the world. It has been practised for its benefits by many societies for millenia. Yoga is particularly rooted in the various cultures of Asia. The Indian people are well known for having practised this ancient meditation technique for thousands of years. As such, its practical application in the improvement of wellness is well documented. Two conditions that yoga can solve include chronic anxiety and stress. These conditions are common today's society due to various types of pressure that affect us. We experience societal, professional, parental and relationship pressure every day. Some people are not strong enough to bear it all. Therefore, they develop stress which can grow into chronic anxiety. For such as these, this traditional method of therapy is a good option to consider. Read on to learn why yoga is a great solution to chronic anxiety and stress.

What is chronic anxiety?

Chronic anxiety is defined as being excessive, unrealistic and persistent worry concerning the future. Yoga can be a lifeline for those who suffer from this condition. There are many reasons why doctors are recommending it as a form of complementary therapy today. This condition has extreme symptoms. Examples of these are nightmares, a racing pulse, sudden panic, sweating and overwhelming sadness. These symptoms appear in form of attacks which can happen at any time of the day or night. They do not have any warning signs. This makes life difficult for those who live with chronic anxiety.

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Is there medication for this condition?

There is some medication that sufferers of this condition normally take. It works to reduce the emotional range of the patient so that they do not feel as much. If the case of chronic anxiety is too serious, the patient can get a high dose of medication that results in a loss of emotional capability. This can lead to apathy and loneliness. As such, despite offering some help, medication is not a permanent way to eliminate chronic anxiety. This is where yoga comes in.

Yoga as an effective way to treat chronic anxiety

There is a type of yoga that is known as Vinyasa yoga. It is characterized by controlled breathing and unique poses. It is very effective in treating chronic anxiety. Patients who suffer from this condition normally observe that the Vinyasa yoga helps them to sleep better. It also reduces the number and severity of their panic attacks. In addition to that, it allows them to feel a sense of peace in their lives. Vinyasa yoga is able to calm panicky minds and reduce or prevent stress. Due to its positive effects, yoga is currently accepted as complementary medicine for chronic anxiety. As a matter of fact, there are sessions and seminars on yoga as a medication performed during meetings of the American Psychiatric Association. Therefore, if you or someone you know is suffering from chronic anxiety, yoga is a good way to relieve their symptoms and restore a peaceful, functional life.

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The positive effect of yoga in reducing and eliminating stress

Engaging in yoga is much more than exercise, it is actually the promotion of a holistic, healthy lifestyle. Yoga involves performing specific poses also known as asanas. It also involves controlling your breathing. It allows you to shift focus from your daily struggles to your own body. In doing so, the mind becomes uncluttered. Any thoughts that were creating stress are actively removed. A fixated focus on your body forming the poses and your breathing results in the reduction of mental, emotional and physical tension. Hence, it is able to reduce stress. Scientific study has been performed to ascertain the stress-relief effect of yoga. This practice helps to reduce the blood pressure and heart rate too. As a result, respiration is improved and the body is able to release stress in a healthy and effective way.

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How does yoga actively relieve stress?

It helps you to stay in the moment

In most cases, we experience stress by constantly thinking about the things that we should do in the future. We also create stress by thinking about the things that we could have done better in the past. These wandering thoughts create confusion and a storm of worry in our lives. Over time, they can accumulate and develop into full blown stress. This causes other problems such as hypertension and in extreme cases, a stroke. Yoga is able to prevent all these by helping you to stay alert and focus on our bodies intensely.

It helps you to stay in the moment by allowing you to focus fully on specific parts of our bodies. While performing the asanas and breathing exercises, we focus on specific joints and areas in our bodies. We assess how they feel. The breathing exercises keep you calm and stabilize our heart rate. The combination of self-focus and controlled breathing boosts our concentration levels and reduce stress significantly. This improves our overall health and wellness too.

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It allows you to automatically control breathing during difficult times of our day

By practising yoga regularly, you begin to learn how to control your breathing automatically. It becomes second nature. While practising the asanas or poses of yoga, you may feel tightness or stiffness in a particular part of your body. Breathing helps to direct relaxing energy to that part. The same can be done in day to day interactions. If you find yourself in an argument with your boss or facing a tough task, focus on your breathing. Use it to calm yourself down. You will actually surprise yourself at how well you will be able to handle the situation once you engage in controlled breathing. As such, yoga helps you to avoid stress by breathing deliberately and performing elegantly in challenging situations.

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The Important Take Away

Yoga has been used as helpful therapy for thousands of years. Traditional yogis understood its healthy effects long before modern medicine. Today, this practice is accepted as complementary medicine in treating chronic anxiety and relieving stress. Its effect on these conditions is indicated above. Are you suffering from constant worry and stress? Consider performing yoga, it can change your life for the better.