We can use our smartphones or tablets to get direct access to the Internet at any time of the day. It is the richest source of information in history. There are millions of websites on it and many of these can help us to get smarter. They have tips that can make us wiser in life and in business. By visiting these ones every day, you can make yourself smarter.

We can also use these devices to manipulate applications. We can use them to play games, calculate and even learn something new every day. There are special applications that can increase your intelligence. They are designed to improve your memory and optimize your brain power. Here are 20 interesting websites and applications that will help you to become smarter.

Websites that will help you to become smarter

There are websites on literally every single topic under the sun. Some deal with entertainment, others with news and others make you smarter. You can increase your intelligence by visiting the following websites.

Creative Live

On this website, there are live classes that you can watch. Creative Live contains practical classes on a huge variety of topics and skills. Examples of these topics are business, health, nutrition and Information Technology (IT). Most of these classes are freely accessible. However, a few of them require you to pay to watch. The skills that you learn in Creative Live are usable and can be applied in your life. Want to learn how to do something new and become smarter? Visit this website at

TED Talks

This is the most well known self-improvement website in the world. It's tagline indicates that the website is full of ideas that you would want to share. TED Talks contains a collection of video speeches on every topic known to man. The videos last for a maximum of 18 minutes and will make you smarter by teaching you interesting subjects. Visit this website by navigating to

University Webinars

University students can find this website very valuable. It is similar to TED Talks. However, most of the content in the webinars is material that is taught in institutions of higher learning. There is a massive library of webinars and videos in this website. If you want some insight on that challenging subject or you simply want to get smarter, University Webinars is ideal for you. Navigate to to enjoy these resources.


This is a website that has a series of tests that assess a wide variety of technical skills. When you visit Smarterer, you can pick a skill and do tests in it. After you complete them successfully, the website will award you a qualification. There are tests in writing, programming, calculation and other skills. The more tests you do, the more qualifications that you get. You can use these qualifications to prove to potential employers that you have the skills they need. It is accessible by navigating to

Project Gutenberg

Do you enjoy reading books? Are you looking for a website that has a collection you can read through? Project Gutenberg is the ideal location for you. The website has a catalog of thousands of books that you can read online for free. Hurry off to and quench your literary thirst.


This is a one stop shop for anyone searching for a collection of educational material on the Internet. OpenCulture contains hundreds of ebooks, courses and presentations on a huge variety of topics. If you are searching for educational material, OpenCulture is the only website you will ever need. You can visit it by going to


Do you want to improve your memory in a fun way? Memrise is the website that you need. It contains flashcards that are presented in the form of games. The cards help you to increase your general knowledge and improve your memory at the same time. Memrise is available in many languages too.This website is guaranteed to make you smarter. Visit it by navigating to


If there is a website that is guaranteed to improve your knowledge, it is Treehouse. This website has content on a wide variety of topics. Examples of these are programming, designing websites and running businesses. On this website, you are guaranteed to learn something new. Once you get on it, you qualify for a free trial to access this information. However, after the trial period is over, you will have to pay $25 every month to keep using Treehouse. If you want to become smarter, this is a great investment to make. You can access this website by navigating to 


This website is full of vocational training courses. There are real engineers on this website ready to demonstrate real skills that you can use to create your own projects. You can also use these skills to demonstrate proficiency to potential employers. Udacity is an ideal website where you can learn practical skills on a variety of vocational topics. Visit this website by following


This is a website where there are free courses that you can learn. They cover disciplines such as teaching, law and even computer science. The variety is immense. There are over 800 of these and more than 10, 000 registered students in Coursera. The instruction uses all forms of multimedia and is supremely informative. After you finish a course, you get a valid qualification from the website. Learn more and get smarter by navigating to