Personal development is a process that lasts for your entire life. It is a method of assessing your own personal qualities and skills. Personal development also helps you to make some aims for your life, set goals and maximize your potential. By performing this form of development, there are skills that you can gain so as to improve your prospects for employment, improve self-confidence and enjoy a better quality of life. Personal development helps you to make life choices that are effective, positive and relevant. This journey begins with a series of questions. By answering them, you gradually develop yourself. Here are the 20 most important personal development questions to ask yourself at least once in your life.


Where can I help?

Getting some help inspires you to help someone else. As such, when you are firmly on your path to a better quality of life thank to personal development, you can begin to ask yourself where you can help out. Whenever you assist another, you actually increase your own level of skill as well.

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How would my process of growth be affected if I went easier on myself?

Many ambitious people pursuing a better quality of life normally beat themselves up whenever they make a mistake. They maintain this attitude with themselves and suffer under their own demands. While it ensures consistent effort, beating yourself up for every little mistake is a form of self-torture. There is no peace in the growth process. Therefore, you should ask yourself this question so as to identify how your experience of personal development would change if you went a little easier on yourself.

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Which values do I live by?

Values are the personal rules for life that help you to make critical decisions. They are personal qualities that help you live a happy life according to your terms. As such, it is important to determine your innermost values so as to set informed guidelines for your life.

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What is the most important thing to me?

Out of all the things that you want in life, there is one that is above them all. It could be tangible or abstract. Take the time to ask yourself this question and answer it honestly. It will point you to one thing that makes all others fall into place. With this singular target in mind, your sense of direction is secure.

What am I willing to suffer for?

No pain, no gain. All good things that you want in life require effort. Sometimes, this effort can be painful and cost you a lot. To improve yourself, you will have to endure the process of growth. This question helps you know what you are willing to suffer for. In this way, you can choose what is relevent to pursue and what is not.


Does this have an alternative meaning?

In our lives, we are bound to come across some negative situations. While they often elicit anger and frustration, it is possible to have a perspective of them that creates positivity and growth. Whenever you experience a negative situation, ask yourself this question. In most cases, it will led to a positive perspective that leads to a valuable lesson and growth.


Which cause can I live my life in service of?

To live a meaningful life, you have to live for something bigger than yourself. You need to find and pursue a cause. Viktor Frankl indicated that success is not something to be pursued but to be attracted by the person you become. It is a side effect of fervently pursuing a cause. What is yours?

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Considering my daily routine, how far will I get in five years?

It is beneficial to perform a projection of your life to estimate where you will be in a few years from now. The activities which you perform daily can point you in the right direction concerning this matter. Are you doing what it takes every day to get where you want to be in this period of time?

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What should I spend more or less time on going forward?

Majority of us spend time on the activities which are urgent and not the ones which are important. Real productivity means getting the right things done. This question helps you to prioritize the activities that have long term value over the ones that are short term as you develop yourself.

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Am I pretending not to know something?

In life you can be fooled by your own subconscious mind. You can believe a lie or refuse to believe the truth. Are there any truths that you are running from? Do you have any lies that you believe are true? This form of self-interrogation is important if you want to improve yourself. It helps you to set a moral compass and create clarity in your life.

If I didn't need money in my life, what would I do with my time?

Majority of us spend ever waking moment thinking and working towards accumulating more money. We believe that the lack of money is the main barrier between us and the life we dream about. As a matter of fact, this is wrong. You can begin to live the parts of your dream life that you can afford right now. So ask yourself, if you had all the money you wanted, what would you do with your life?

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What is the purpose of my life?

This is a poignant question to ask yourself. When your life ends, what would you like to be remembered for? This helps you to restructure your goals so as to make a difference in the lives of those around you as well as your community. It also helps you to design your life according to your taste and desire.

Where do I get my motivation?

To become successful in life, you need to exert effort, apply dedication and be committed. To give this amount of attention to any one activity, you need to be fully motivated in it. Therefore, ask yourself what motivates you. Which reason do you have for getting up early in the morning and sleeping very late at night in pursuit of success? Finding this reason is a huge step forward in self-development.

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Where could I add more fun into my life?

Life is what you make it. Alongside the work, there should be some pleasure. It is not always about working all the time. You have to take time off and relax. So what do you enjoy doing in your free time? Do you have any hobbies? This is an important question that keeps you balanced as you develop over time.


Am I ready to change?

Self-development requires change. Change is often uncomfortable for us. If the change that is required is very big, then the resistance to it can be profound. It can hold you back from developing and result in self-sabotage. As such, ask yourself if you are ready to change as you embark on a personal development phase of life.


What are the current positive facets of my life?

As you improve through personal development, you do not have to change everything. There are a few things that you could want to keep in your life. For example, they could be a big part of your personal brand. Therefore, take the time to identify what makes you happy about your life currently and keep it as you adjust the rest for a better future.

Are there any old road blocks that are preventing me from progressing today?

Too often, we let rejections that occurred in our lives in the past to hold us back from experiencing the present to its fullest. We live in the past accepting that we are no better than some narrow circumstance or the opinion of some individual dictated us to be. This question helps us to perform a self-evaluation and find out our true, current value.

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Where can I get some help?

The path to success in personal development can be rough and treacherous. It can prove difficult to navigate on your own. Therefore, you need to ask yourself this question and find out where to turn in case you need assistance. The answer can be a parent, friend, spouse or even a facility.

Do I follow my gut instinct?

Most people get a gut instinct whenever they are about to make a critical decision. It will tell you whether to pursue a line of action or not. In most cases, your gut instinct is right. Therefore, ask yourself this question so as to determine if you should go one way or the other as you develop.

Have I done enough to make this happen?

Whenever you pursue a goal, you should do everything in your ability to make it happen. If the pursuit is unsuccessful, who do you blame? Some people blame the conditions around them, their environment or even their teammates. However, they forget to evaluate themselves to see if they really gave their all. As such, ask yourself if you have done enough to make a goal possible at every step of personal development.

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The Important Take Away

Personal development is a process that everyone should embark on in their lives. It helps you to evolve and see the best side of yourself. The questions above can help you begin this journey and stay on it until the successful end. They are beacons of wisdom for you today.