Do you want to get smarter? Research indicates that there are activities and sports that we can perform to increase our levels of intelligence. Some activities that we do for fun can make us smarter. Often referred to as hobbies, they stimulate our brains in ways that make us more intelligent. Also, there are sports that are capable of accomplishing the same. Those that require advanced eye-hand coordination, visual tracking and lightning-fast reflexes stimulate the brain and increase intelligence. Here are 20 sports and activities that will make you smarter.

Activities that will make you smarter.

Playing musical instruments

One of the wisest men in history is Confucius. He is known to have remarked that music gives pleasure to the soul. Playing a musical instrument teaches you how to be patient. It also teaches you how to improve your eye-hand coordination. As a result, your motor skills improve. It takes time and practice to learn how to play an instrument. Thus, you are able to repetitively practice the motor skills and concentration which eventually makes you smarter.

Reading books regularly

Reading is well known to increase your intelligence. Not only does it help you to know about many things, it improves your concentration and memory skills. The passages in a book can evoke various emotions in you. This increases your emotional intellect. Moreover, the perseverance that you need to complete a book teaches your mind how to be disciplined. This skill helps you when you are setting your life goals.

Meditating often

Practiced by various cultures across the world, meditation is well known to reduce the levels of stress. Meditation induces calmness in the mind. This makes it expand and perform at a higher rate. People who meditate regularly are able to learn, think, act and plan more efficiently than those who don't. Therefore, grab a mat and get in touch with your inner self.

Solving puzzles

From the newspaper crossword to the Sudoku, these puzzles are great for your brain. They are literally exercise for it. By solving these puzzles, the brain makes many new neural connections. This essentially increases your brain power and helps you to solve problems using creative solutions. Moreover, solving puzzles requires multiple shifts in perspective. This makes you smarter.

Physical exercise

For optimum general performance, you need to exercise your body as well. Regular exercise is good for your brain and your body. We all know that exercise helps us to relieve stress and tension. It also promotes the flow of blood to the brain. In this way, the neural cells are kept alive and working at maximum capacity. This effectively makes you smarter.

Learning a new language

One of the most challenging tasks that you can perform is to learn a new language. It is never easy and thats why it is good for your brain. Increasing your linguistic prowess demands that you analyze language structures and memorize new phrases. This enhances the health of your brain. Moreover, mastering a new language helps you to plan, make decisions and solve problems in a smarter way.

Writing down anything and everything

Scientists and scholars agree that writing definitely makes you smarter. In addition to increasing your linguistic ability, writing helps you to improve your focus, imagination, comprehension and creative thinking ability. Collectively, these skills make you smarter.

Traveling and exploring new places

Traditionally considered a means to get rid of boredom, traveling can actually increase your intelligence. Firstly, it eliminates stress. When you are calm, you can make better decisions and focus on your tasks better. There is always something new to learn in every place you visit. You can explore new cultures, society, food, people and lifestyle. In this way, you increase your knowledge and consequently become smarter.

Cooking something new every day

Did you know that making a twist in how you prepare your favourite culinary delights makes you smarter? Cooking generally requires high attention to detail and concentration. Preparing something new adds creativity to that list. Therefore, be enthusiastic to add that new ingredient in your meal. It will make you smarter.

Participating actively in sports

Sports are known to be great for your body. Now we know that they are even better for your brain. By playing a sport regularly, you make your thought processes faster, improve your body coordination and boost your confidence. Even watching sports increases your cognitive function. Overall, sports make you smarter.