Sports that will make you smarter

Scientists have proved that sports increase intelligence. By studying the mental health and performance of professional athletes, they discovered that their brains were more developed in certain parts than those of regular individuals. They observed that athletes have thicker cortical layers in the brain sections that are involved with visual tracking. They also have more developed memory, multi-tasking ability and high levels of creativity. Which sports improve your brain functions and make you smarter? Discover them below.


This sport is often referred to as physical chess. It is fast, highly combative and it actively engages the mental faculties. In fencing, you must always think ahead of your opponent while maintaining lightning fast eye-hand coordination. This sport has very many moves. You must remember all of them and pick the right ones at the right time. It is one of the most mentally stressful sports and that is why it makes you smarter.

The strategy game called Go

This board game was invented over 2,500 years ago in ancient China. Over the centuries, it was played by emperors, military generals, intellectual people and child geniuses. It is often referred to as Eastern chess. In Go, both players have complete access to all the information about a match. Moreover, there is no possibility of chance. There are as many possible moves in a game of Go as there are atoms in the universe. This broad nature of the sport makes its players develop very high strategic skills and cognitive function. This sport definitely makes you smarter.


Currently recognized as a sport, Chess is a strategy board game. It was invented in Afghanistan in 600 AD. It demands that the players maintain mental accuracy, perceptive ability and high strategic capability. There are millions of possible moves in chess. Professional players memorize hundreds of thousands of these moves in their minds. This increases their memory capacity. In addition to that, constantly exposing yourself to the sport helps you to develop intellectual capability. It effectively makes you smarter.

Electronic sports

Also known as video games, they have been documented to improve cognitive ability. The video games that require players to conduct repetitive motions help the brain to improve hand-eye coordination. Moreover, players must learn new environments in the game as fast as possible. This creates thousands of new neural connections in the brain and it makes them smarter.

American Football

This is one of the most physical sports in the world. It is so rough that the players wear protective gear. In addition to being physically demanding, it is mentally challenging too. All the players have high visual accuracy. Moreover, there are positions that require advanced mental ability. An example is the quarterback position. This player calls offensive and defensive strategies. They also have to adapt to changes in the match as it happens. Playing American football will make you smarter.


This is a fast-paced, physical and strategic sport. Playing basketball improves hand-eye coordination. It also improves communication skills. By playing this sport, you can develop discipline. Basketball also improves visual accuracy since the players have to shoot the ball through a hoop at varying distances. These skills collectively make you smarter.

Martial arts

There are many forms of this type of sport. Examples are judo, karate, kung fu and Krav Maga. They all have one thing in common, they can increase your intelligence. These arts optimize your awareness. They help you to see, hear, feel and observe everything in your environment. Martial arts improve your measurement of distance and time. This improves the cognitive areas of your brain that deal with geometry and calculation. Eventually, this makes you smarter. 

Body building

Characterized by lifting massive amounts of weight, this sport makes your body and your brain stronger. The pumping action that bodybuilders perform increases blood flow to the brain. This improves its health and promotes the formation of new neuron cells. As a result, the overall brain power increases. In this way, body building makes you smarter.


Known as football in many areas of the world, soccer is a universal sport. It is well known for improving physical ability. However, it also improves your mental capacity. It is a very dynamic sport and field conditions change in seconds. Therefore, the players have to think quickly. Also, they have very advanced ability to measure action and reaction. For example, they may be required to kick a ball against the wind. They must make mental calculations of the ideal speed required to keep the ball flying without getting pushed away by the wind. Now that definitely makes you smarter.


This is a famous sport played around the world. The players are constantly running back and forth trying to serve the ball as fast as possible to their opponent. This sport requires you to be alert and constantly strategize how to win. This puts pressure on your brain forcing it to grow. In this way, it makes many new neural connections and makes you smarter.

The Important Take Away

These activities and sports can play a significant role in improving your mental ability. Each one of them promotes the wellness of your brain in a unique way. If you want to be smarter, these are the things to do and the sports you should play.