Today, we live our lives on the fast lane. We are always working towards business or career growth. A lot of time is spent so as to be successful in our professional life. If we dedicate most of our time towards it, how do we manage our families and social life? This can be achieved by fostering a favorable work-life balance. This balance can be described as valuable enjoyment and achievement in your work, social life, family life and personal wellbeing. Contrary to popular belief, work-life balance does not mean that we have to dedicate equal amounts of time to each one of these sectors of our lives. This is not realistic and results in a rigid, unexciting life. Work-life balance means that you can dedicate more of your time to one or more of these sectors without losing control. Moreover, work-life balance changes every day depending on the demands from these sectors. Here are some elements which you should consider for a better work-life balance.

Fear of failure

Some of us are unable to create a work-life balance because we feel that if we do not give maximum attention to one sector of our lives, it will fail. For example, you may fear that if you do not work overtime on your company, it will fail. This fear can cause you to overwork yourself and clock more office hours at the expense of family or social life. You should learn how to let go of this fear and be satisfied with your daily performance. You should also be confident that a particular sector of your life will not fail if you do not overwork on it. Once you complete the required quota of work, move on to the next sector of your life without doubting yourself. Even if you do not complete all the items in your to-do list, don't worry. You can always complete them on the next day. This is how to create a better work-life balance.

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Schedules are an important element of your life which you should consider in the effort of creating a better work-life balance. There are some highly important dates in our weekly and monthly schedules. Examples of these dates are those of anniversaries, kids' birthdays, meetings, family outings and social mingles. If we get too distracted by our daily activities, we can miss out on these dates. This can hurt the feelings of the people around us and also cause us to lose focus on the sectors of our lives associated with these dates. Thus, you should mark your schedule such that you do not assign yourself any work on the dates of these family or social activities. This makes a positive contribution to a better work-life balance.

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Technological devices

We make extensive use of technological devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. They assist us to work and play whenever we want to. Unfortunately, we can become slaves to these devices. We can develop the irrational need to always keep them on and use them all the time. This habit can result in disruption of our work-life balance. They can especially distract us from our jobs or time with our loved ones. To avoid this, ensure that you switch off any technological devices which may distract you. This is known as taking a technology break. Doing this will contribute to a better work-life balance.

Boundaries about when you are available

This is an element which business leaders and entrepreneurs need to focus on. Our lives can get so busy and involving that we seem to be on call all the time. Our co-workers, colleagues or teammates can get the impression that since you work so hard when with them, you are definitely available to continue after hours. Thus, they can begin to call you on the phone or send emails about work when you are relaxing with your friends or with your family. This can be annoying or frustrating. Moreover, it can disrupt your work-life balance. To avoid this, ensure that you create some boundaries and communicate them to your colleagues or teammates. Tell them exactly when you are not available for work and ensure that they respect this. Doing so helps you to establish and maintain a favorable work-life balance.

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Working smart

There are some people who normally work for long hours and sleep very little. This practice is called sleep hacking. It is where they train their brains to work harder with less hours of sleep. According to the Mental Health Association, this is a bad and dangerous habit. It can induce stress in your life and lead to negative consequences. Instead of working hard by clocking more hours, you should work smart by completing higher value activities in the time which you have. This increases your productivity. As such, considering the element of working smart gets you closer to a better work-life balance.

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The power of no

Bosses are highly likely to push you and intrude upon your free or personal time with workplace demands. This is because their objective is to make you as productive as possible. They can call you after hours and tell you to begin working on a project while you were spending time with your family. If you say yes, this will distract you from your family time and hurt that sector of your life. Moreover, this will pressure you and eventually create stress in your life. As such, it is important to harness the power of saying no. This means that you should stand up for yourself from time to time and say no if you feel that you do not have the capacity or time to perform a task. It is initially quite difficult to do this. However, when you begin to say no, you can create a favorable work-life balance.

The Important Take Away

Despite all the responsibilities which we have every day, we should strive to live balanced lives. This involves giving every sector of our lives some time and attention. The tips above can show you which elements you should consider so as to create a better work-life balance. Learn and apply them so as to live a stress-free, high quality, balanced life.