One of the most exclusive social groups in the world is the top 1%. This is a group of people who have a net worth of over $770, 000. This is the total combination of their cash, stocks, bonds, property and other assets. People who live in this economic class are able to afford the finer things in life. Many of then live in high rise apartments, vast estates, mansions and penthouses. They can afford to purchase the latest fashion, drive luxurious cars, gain access to coveted events and educate their children in the most exclusive schools. We all aspire to enjoy the life of the wealthy. However, our limited funds may make it seem as thought this is impossible. Thankfully, there are strategies which you can utilize to enjoy this sort of life without having as much money as the wealthiest do. Here is how to live like the 1% on a budget.

Create a personalized financial plan

One of the characteristics of very wealthy people is personalization. They prefer to have personalized clothes, cars, houses, planes and financial plans. You may not be able to afford a personalized jet but you can definitely create a personalized financial plan. You can come up with a financial plan which assists you to calculate your income, expenses, debt and savings. This plan can help you to manage the finances in your life and begin working towards financial freedom. A personalized financial plan can assist you to perform proper budgeting. Doing this can help you to live a financial life that is similar to that of the top 1%.

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Eat organic food on a budget

The individuals in the top 1% normally prefer to eat organic, natural food. Knowing that good health is the ultimate wealth, they truly value their wellbeing. Consequently, they preserve and maintain it by eating nutritious, natural, organic food. Normally, this type of fresh produce is more expensive than junk food. Thankfully, there is a way to enjoy natural organic produce at a very low price. You can do this by visiting the farmer's markets in the evening as they pack up their unsold produce. Simply approach them and negotiate some fresh vegetables and fruit at a lower price. The farmers would prefer to sell their excess produce instead of going back home with it. Thus, you can get some fresh, organic food for a lower price. As a result, your meals can take on the aroma and nutrition of those enjoyed by the top 1%.

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Set goals and pursue them until accomplished

The top 1% are in that income group due to the goals which they set for themselves and achieved successfully. Success is accomplished by converting your dreams into achievable goals. After that, you come up with a plan to reach these goals according to a particular timeline. Begin to establish this mentality by setting SMART goals. These are Strategic, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-conscious goals. Your life is your canvas, and you can paint it the way you like. Search for inspiration to dream and establish some goals to achieve what you desire. Also, do not give up until you have accomplished what you planned.

Don't waste your money on impulsive spending

Discount stores and sales are packed with items which you can buy for very low prices. In most cases, you do not even need them. The sales-people at these locations set up attractive deals that tempt you to buy a lot of items which you will not even need in a week or two. This is impulsive spending and does not contribute to your overall wealth or increase your quality of life. To live like the top 1%, you need to buy high quality items. They are definitely more expensive than the trinkets in the discount stores. However, they will give you better service, last longer and improve the quality of your life. Simply resist the urge to spend money on many cheap items, save up this cash and spend it on one or two high quality items. Examples of such valuable purchases are a functional, classy handbag, a good quality pair of shoes or even a high quality appliance. Doing this will eventually help you stock up on the finer things in life and teach you the valuable skill of delayed gratification.

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Find opportunities to exercise regularly

In pursuit of good health, the top 1% normally exercise regularly. They walk, jog, run or play field sports on a daily basis. To do this, some of them buy large estates which have lots of room for these activities. They can run every day on their own grounds and enjoy fitness in privacy. You may not have a 100 acre property where you exercise every day. However, you can do this in the well maintained public parks or curated neighbourhoods. You can take the time to jog around these areas every morning or evening. You may also find a gym membership plan which you can comfortably afford. In this way, you can keep your mind and body in tip top condition, just like the wealthy.

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Focus on the quality not the quantity of your relationships

The main objective of a luxury life is high quality, not quantity. This should be pursued in all sectors of one's life. The top 1% pursue quality in their food, clothes, living areas and even friends. You can borrow a leaf and seek quality relationships. Strive to be with those who accept you as you are. Not everyone will like you when you are being genuine. Thus, pick out the individuals who are highly valuable to you and accept you genuinely. After that, take the time to invest in yourself. This is how to ensure that you create high quality relationships.

The Important Take Away

The lifestyles of the top 1% are characterized by luxurious clothes, homes, cars and fine dining. They are also characterized by some beneficial rules of living. Some of them are indicated above. They can help you transform your life and help you enjoy a lifestyle that is more similar to that of the top 1%. Read them and learn some tips and tricks which can help you to enjoy a luxurious life, just like the wealthy members of our society.