Ivy League universities are considered the cream of the crop in terms of higher education. They have the best facilities and direct connections to the leaders of various sectors of society. Alumni of Ivy League universities go on to become leaders in politics, business, entertainment and other industries. As a result, ambitious students from high schools all over the world desire to join these Ivy League universities and boost their chances of success in life. Ivy League institutions include Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Penn, Dartmouth and Cornell Universities. The application process to join them is rigorous and only a select few are accepted. Do you want to join one of these institutions? Here is how to get into an Ivy League university.

Begin your pursuit in high school

Ivy League colleges are always searching for the students who have taken up the most difficult and challenging subjects in high school. Examples of these are mathematics, languages, sciences and philosophy classes. Those who take up these classes indicate that they are willing to face and overcome real challenges. They show a willingness to sacrifice their time and other pleasures so as to excel in these demanding subjects. Such students are considered Ivy League material and have a higher chance of being picked. Therefore, if you want to join one of these universities, ensure that you pick challenging subjects and excel in them.

Start your application essay as early as you can

Even if it is by simply writing down some notes, start working on your application essay as soon as you can. The most important part of the essay is the first line that you write. This one gives the rest of your essay a unique flow and can get you admitted to one of the Ivy League institutions. A tip on the first line is to focus on a moment that was significant to you. The one moment that made you decide to focus on applying to an Ivy League university of your choice. Describe the emotional depth and atmosphere of this moment in detail and it will capture your reader's attention and get you admitted.

Market yourself to them

Colleges and universities normally market themselves to students. They use media such as the Internet, television and even radio to market their facilities and accreditation. Similarly, if you want to join an Ivy League university, you must make an effort to market yourself to them. You must develop a strong personal brand and then work to show it to your Ivy League universities of choice. In your brand, strive to emphasize your strengths such that you shine and are noticeable from the thousands of applications that these universities get every year.

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Identify your hook

Just as a fish is caught using a hook, you must find that particular personal quality that you possess so as to capture the attention of the Ivy League universities. This hook can be a skill you learned, an experience you had that made you learn something new about yourself or even a service that you gave. As you write your essay, make sure that this hook captures the attention of the Ivy League university's admissions officers and gets you a place in one of these prestigious institutions. These universities are searching for passionate individuals. Therefore, make sure that your essay indicates a hook that shows you are passionate and willing to make a positive contribution to the society around you in the years after graduation.

Communicate with the universities you desire

Each one of these Ivy League universities has an admissions officer. Their name and professional profiles are often indicated in the university website. If you are interested in applying to these institutions, then you need to communicate with them and tell them that you are interested in joining their esteemed university. Their email addresses and phone numbers are always indicated in the institutions' websites. You can ask some questions about what you should include in your application to boost its chances of success. In addition to that, ask if you can visit the campus and interact with students and instructors. Basically, you should take some initiative to communicate with the officers in the institution.

Get up earlier to get more done

The early bird catches the worm. In this case, the early bird can get admitted into an Ivy League university. High school students have busy lives that demand their attention. Between classes, examinations, research papers, leisure, family time and sports, there is very little if any time left at all for a college application. An ideal way is to get up as early as 5 a.m. Rise up immediately your alarm goes off and do something to get you going. After that, settle down and work on your Ivy League university application. Your mind will be fresh and overflowing with creativity. Use this time to write the application of a lifetime.

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You don't have to be well-rounded, but you have to be great at something

There is a common misconception that you have to be an all-round student to make it into an Ivy League university. As a matter of fact, these universities search for well-rounded classes, not students. Therefore, in your application, strive to indicate that you are good at some things and exceptional in one thing. Focus on this talent, skill or ability in your essay. It can be that you are great at soccer, poetry, singing or even chess. Maybe you are gifted such that you are simply an expert at two or three things. They are your strengths and you should mention them at length and express your passion in them. Capitalize on this ability you have and make the admissions officer want to have you as part of the university's winning team.

The Important Take Away

Being admitted into an Ivy League university greatly improves your chances of success in life. The delivery of educational material is splendid and respected all over the globe. Moreover, you have access to resources and facilities that are of the highest quality. Groups and societies in these institutions are recognized beyond the walls and dozens of respectable, excellent leaders come from them. The tips above can help you get into the Ivy League of your choice. Follow them and open the doors to your dreams.