As humans, we have a collection of positive and negative emotions. Positive emotions are constructive in nature. Examples of these are joy, gratitude, empathy and sympathy. On the other hand, negative emotions are destructive. Examples of these are anger and frustration. Anger is an emotion that we feel whenever we experience displeasure or irritability about something. It is normal but can become highly destructive if it gets out of control. Frustration is an emotion that develops when we are blocked from reaching a goal that we desired. As humans, when we achieve a specific goal, we feel pleased. On the other hand, when we are prevented from achieving this goal, we feel frustrated and annoyed. If the goal is big and something or someone stops us from achieving it, we feel very frustrated. In most cases, frustration leads to anger. These are negative emotions that can cause us to hurt our co-workers, team-mates, friends and even family. Do you experience these emotions constantly? Here is how to stop feeling frustrated and angry all the time.

Be in the present so as to stop feeling frustrated

Frustration is caused whenever we are blocked from achieving a goal by conditions or people that we cannot control. In the state of frustration, we are mentally somewhere in the future. This is often where we would wish to be. Sometimes, the frustration is caused by negative events in our past. To overcome this emotion, begin by getting out of the past or the future and firmly getting rooted in the present. Focus your mind on what is here now in the present. You can do this by focusing on what is going on around you at this particular time. Examples of these are the weather, the texture of your clothes, sound of your television or the people outside. Maintain mental focus on the present for 1 to 2 minutes. This will pull you out of the time space where your frustration is originating from and plant your firmly in a real, objective present. This is the perfect time to begin eliminating your frustration.

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Break the habit

Interestingly, being angry all the time can be a bad habit. This is often the case when you are used to blaming other people for your own mistakes instead of taking responsibility. Some people get angry very quickly at anyone around them so as to solve a problem that they are experiencing even if it was their own fault. Is your anger caused by this? If so you need to learn how to be more responsible. In this way, you can stop being angry at others when things don't go right. Break the bad habit of irresponsibility and of constant anger too.

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Appreciate the things that you have

The root of frustration is dissatisfaction. The lack of what you want annoys you and eliminates your peace. To eliminate frustration, you can begin by appreciating the things that you have. These are the things that you have already accomplished. Examples of such things are a home, clean, abundant water to drink, food, Internet-access, family and friends. Spend a few minutes observing these things and your frustration will end. It will be replaced by gratitude.

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Get rid of feelings of powerlessness

Anger is a response that you pick so as to deal with powerlessness. Whenever someone or something has power over us, we attempt to gain back control over the situation. If you have no way of doing this, you can feel angry and incapable. This feeling can be pent up inside and make you release your anger on someone that did not deserve such a harsh reaction from you for a small mistake. As such, an effective way to get rid of anger is to eliminate powerlessness. You can do this by finding ways to generate personal power. In this way, you solve the root of the anger problem permanently.

Identify what you can do right now and pursue it

We feel frustrated when we cannot do what we wanted to in the future thanks to a present problem. This focus on future accomplishment causes us to feel disappointed. One way to overcome it is to focus on what we can actually do right now. What action can you currently take to get you to that place that you desired in your future? What can you do right now to improve your situation? Is there another path to your target? Maybe all that you need to do is slow down, take time for yourself and relax. This will help you to recharge and simplify your life a little more. In this way, you can refocus and find another way to your goals.

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Solve any pain that happened in your past

Life can sometimes be unfair. Some of us can experience trauma and abuse in our childhood years. As a result, we can carry pain and anger throughout into our adulthood. This anger can cause us to be constantly irritated. While carrying anger around as a shield, we can hurt ourselves and those around us. The pain that one carries around can cause angry reactions to everything that happens out of order. If you are feeling angry all the time due to an event that happened in your past, then you should deal with it so as to eliminate the pain and calm your anger. It is the only way to experience true peace.

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Get rid of fear

Anger is often caused by fear. Something can happen and scare you. For example, you can experience fear if you lose control, look foolish in public, get in trouble or get hurt. When you experience this fear, it is easy to transform it into anger. The body takes a fight or flight response and you pick the fight option. You begin to fight back at what is scaring you and anger takes over. To prevent this from happening, the best option is simply to solve the fear first. What is really causing you fear? Is it within your control or not? Is it rational or are you exaggerating? By investigating and finding out the answers to these questions, you can identify the source of your fear, eliminate it and put out the anger it is causing you.

The Important Take Away

Anger and frustration are very powerful, yet negative emotions. They can cause you to make errors in judgment that can cause lasting, negative effects on your friends and family. The tips above can help you to get rid of anger and frustration. Learn and practice them in your life so as to invite peace and experience clarity in your future.