Mothers are the life and soul of a family. Motherhood is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. Bringing forth a child into the world and taking care of them until they are an adult is precious. Therefore, it is important to establish and maintain a great mother-child relationship. In doing so, you are able to raise responsible children who eventually become capable parents. How can you accomplish this? It begins with knowing the characteristics of such a bond. Here are the most important traits of a great mother-child relationship.

There is trust

This is one of the fundamental traits of a good mother-child relationship. Children must be able to trust their mother and vice versa. If there is no trust between the two, arguments and misunderstandings can easily crop up. This happens most often when the children are in their teenage years. Any form of correction or rebuke normally makes them want to fight back. As a mother, do not be suspicious of your children. Trust them in a free way so that they can feel secure around you. The values which you taught while they were growing up will guide them so that they do not make any mistakes. As such, trust is a very important trait in the relationship between a mother and her child.

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The mother and child understand each other

Understanding leads to openness. It is important that a mother and her child are able to discuss anything because there is understanding between them. A mother should be approachable. This is by being genuine and calm in all situations. Children need to know that their mother thinks what they say is important. Therefore, they will be confident enough to explain their problems with no fear. If a mother is not understanding, the children will be reluctant to share any challenges that they are facing. Therefore, a spirit of understanding is important in a mother-child relationship.

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Constant support

It is important for a child to feel that their mother is supportive. This creates a sense of security for them. Children look up to their mothers for support. This is especially the daughters. Mothers are the ever-present support mechanism. Whenever your child is in trouble, a mother needs to ask what is wrong and how she can help. She should not join the society in condemning the child. In addition to that, a mother should give their child the freedom to make their own decisions. They may make some bad ones but these are the child's decisions. In doing so, a sense of responsibility is inspired within the child. As such, there should be support from the mother to the child.


To a mother, the children come first. This means that she may have to compromise some of her happiness and desires for the sake of the children. Life is never complete without the kids. As such, if a mother has to choose between her happiness and that of her children, she should be able to compromise. This is a trait of a good mother-child relationship.

Humor and lightheartedness

It is important for the family to have some light moments. They can be created and sustained by the mom. Mothers who have a great sense of humor are popular with their children and their friends too. A good sense of humor creates an environment of open dialogue and relaxes members of the family from the stressors of life. Laughter is well known for reducing stress, stimulating endorphins and boosting the immune system. As such, a mother should try to be humorous for her family from time to time. The children may be burdened by stress from their academic or social life. In addition to that, the spouse could have his own stress form work. Not only can this cause anxiety among the children, it also leads to bad health. Therefore, mothers should maintain some humor so as to keep a healthy mother-child relationship alive.

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The mother is flexible, open-minded and easy going

Mothers who are easy-going and open-minded are excellent at resolving arguments. They do not engage in shouting matches with their children. Kids are naturally defiant. They want to do what they want and nothing else. By becoming inflexible as a parent, you only increase this defiance. It can actually lead to real conflict. Your child has the right to speak up their mind in family decisions. As such, healthy mother-child relationships are characterized by meetings before rules are made. In addition to that, the mothers offer children some options and encourage dialogue whenever possible. Being flexible means that you should find a balance between being dominant and able to compromise. In doing this, smart mothers are able to raise children who have self-restraint and respect.

Good modeling for the child

In a healthy mother-child relationship, the mom shows how to behave through modeling. It is a proven fact that children will not do as you say but as you do. The way you act around your children will cause them to begin acting in the same way. The words that a mother speaks and how she interacts with other people are observed by the child. They aspire to emulate and eventually make this sort of behavior their identity. As such, good role modeling is an important part of a healthy mother-child relationship.

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The children get leeway to grow up on their own

While mothers are charged with the responsibility of protecting their children, smart ones let the children grow up on their own from time to time. A healthy mother-child relationship is one where the children get to make their own mistakes and pick themselves up without needing any help from their mother. This teaches strength and resilience. In addition to this, it teaches the child not to depend on their mother all the time for solutions. As such, some leeway for personal growth is a good feature of a relationship between a mother and their child. 

The Important Take away

Mothers help the fathers with raising the children. They provide the children with the unconditional love, affection and care they need in order to grow healthier and happier. The traits above describe such a relationship. They are great for you to emulate as a mother.