One of the most important activities that we perform every day is thinking. Sometimes, we even do it without realizing. We use our mental faculties to solve problems in our lives. The style of our thought process determines how successful we will be in solving these issues. One of the most effective and commonly used methods of thinking is creative in nature. Creative thinking is a way of looking at problems or challenges using a new perspective that creates solutions that seem very unusual initially but go on to work effectively. This type of thinking can be stimulated by an unstructured process like brainstorming. It can also be developed by a structured one like lateral thinking. Creative thinking is usually very effective in formulating solutions. It is encouraged in our schools, workplaces and other environments. Therefore, majority of us seek to improve this ability. Here is how to improve your creative thinking skills.

Learn material that is extremely out of your comfort zone

It is easy and enjoyable for us to read material that is firmly in our comfort zone. While it may cause motivation or inspiration, it does not do much to improve your creative thinking. To get the creative ability activated in your mind, try to consume material that is out of your comfort zone or industry. Read books that are not of your genre. In this way, you make your brain absorb information in ways and flavors that it normally does not. It also allows for new perspectives and results in better creative thinking skills.

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Write 500 words about anything that comes to mind

Sometimes, you may feel as though you have a creative block in your mind. You find that your mind is wandering and can't stay focused on one thing for more than five minutes. As a result, you simply cannot come up with any creative solutions. In such a case, you can take some steps to calm this mental storm. One of the most effective ways to do this is to open a blank document and begin to write. With no editing rules, topic or even structure, just type away until you exhaust the noise in your mind. You will most likely come up with material that is interesting, possibly crazy and definitely private. You can decide to save it or not. Thankfully, your mind will now be clear, creativity restored and freed to tackle the next challenge.

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Watch a movie in a cinema

One of the last sensory heavens left is the movie theater. In this specially-built facility, you can watch the big screen, hear and feel the rumbling sound as well as smell the freshly made popcorn. All these conditions work together to stimulate your senses. At the end of the movie, you notice literally everything around you. During this time, your creative thinking ability is at its peak. This is one of the effective ways to restore and boost your creative thinking skills.

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Get in touch with someone that you do not know

Strangers can be very inspirational figures around us. Talking to a stranger can expose you to a new way of thinking, give you some new information you didn't have before or even make you look at your life a little differently. All these factors contribute to creative thinking. As such, you can improve your creative thinking by talking to a stranger whether in person or over the phone. Just make sure that you are interacting in a safe, social place so as to ensure your own safety.

Create some rituals that inspire creativity in your day

To get into a creative mindset, you can create some daily conditions that inspire this. One of the solutions that you can use is positive, daily rituals. Use them regularly and stay dedicated. For example, you can create a ritual of reading every morning before you begin your day, listening to music, meditating, engaging in some exercise or simply doing breathing exercises. Sticking to your rituals allows you to condition your brain for creative thinking by stimulating your pleasure centers before your day begins.

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Create something every day

The mind is like a muscle. It gets bigger and stronger the more that you use it. As a result, you should ensure that you practice your creativity regularly by creasting something new every day. Spend 5 to 10 minutes daily creating something that you like. It could be writing a story, creating mind maps, developing new busines models, doodling or simply any activity that inspires you to be creative. These activities make your creativity stronger and more potent.

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Be devoted as opposed to being disciplined

To improve your creative thinking skills, you should take the time and effort to take steps towards this ideal. This involves setting aside time every day to do creative activities. While many may regard this as being disciplined, it is simply being devoted. This means that your mind and heart are both focused on improving your creative skills. As such, devote yourself to the process to reap the fruit of your labor.

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Take breaks

Sometimes, you may want to improve your creative thinking on the go. Maybe you are working on a project that requires you to be more creative yet you feel as though you do not have any motivation to do so. In such a case, you can boost your creativity by simply changing your environment. Move to the balcony for a few minutes. Take a break and get some coffee or grab a chat with someone. By changing your working environment, you can find that inspiration finds you at the moment when you are not expecting it. In such a case, change your setting so as improve your creative thinking skills.

The Important Take Away

The ability to solve your problems using creative thinking is highly valuable in our world today. This is because our environment is constantly changing. As such, creative problem solving is essential for adapting in real time. The tips above can help you to improve your creative thinking skills. Embrace them so as to see a positive change in the quality of your problem solving skills.