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To be launched during the upcoming weeks and under its own private brands, is aiming to start selling food and baby products. This new array of products will reportedly only be available to Amazon Prime subscribers.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal the array of products could be varying from basic products like coffee, spices, nuts and tea to baby products like diapers. These new to be sold items will be offered under Amazon's own private labels like Mama Bear, Wickedly Prime and Happy Belly. 

What is important to note here is the fact that now with edible goods under its private brands Amazon has the potential to increase dramatically its presence in many different areas and markets. It is not the first time that Amazon tackles these types of initiatives. In 2014 Amazon tried selling diapers but had to remove them due to design issues. Now, it is presumed that better designed products are to be expected.

With it's own grocery delivery services and the other multitude of privately labeled products like clothes and consumer electronics, adding perishable products to its list of private-label offerings, would only reinforce the reputation of Amazon as the giant of the E-commerce.