Google symptom search

Whenever you felt like you had some types of body pain or reactions, you've already probably searched for any kind of free medical advice on Google. But quickly your little search would have became less fun when forums and results would point out that you may be having something abnormal.

To solve this issue and to make your life easier, google is launching a new feature called symptom search, or in other words, this type of search results will categorize and display all of the possible causes of the body itches or burns you're asking for.

For example, typing the words "headache on the side" will show you related conditions, descriptions, self-treatment options and suggestions on wether you should consult a doctor. Also, one of the beautifully designed features, is the visual aspect of the results. The results will appear as cards that you can go through by swiping right or left.

Courtesy of Google

The reason of this feature is the fact that, according to Google's report, roughly 1% of it's searches is symptom-related, therefore they want to offer a better service to those looking for these results. 

The results are displayed based on web results checked against high quality medical information collected from doctors and Google's Knowledge Graph. In the future, Google is planning to offer symptom search (now US and English only) to other countries and languages.