As time progresses, mankind has been fond of crafting and building record-holding creations. From the smallest hotels to the tallest skyscrapers, we, humans, have created them. And, as we all know it, the record goes on! Knowing about them is interesting not only because we wonder at their appearance but also because we imagine the efforts and time poured in to construct such structures. And the latter always leaves us in awe. So here we are presenting the biggest man-made structures according to their floor area. As you read, think about the power of our human brain and appreciate the ideas it can generate.

1. New Century Global Center

Located in Chengdu China, this structure is hailed the biggest at 1,760,000 square meters. If you’re trying to figure out how big that is, imagine the Pentagon. Now triple its size. That is how big it is. 

What can we find in a place this big? A lot! This is probably why its slogan is “The One of Everything.” It has a shopping mall, theater, water park, church, hotel, ice skating rink, office space, an indoor swimming pool (also called artificial beach sans the sand) and so on.

How was that possible? Well, it’s not just one building, that’s why. It’s four—The Global Mall, The Intercontinental Hotel, The Paradise Island Waterpark, and the offices.

2. Dubai International Airport Terminal 3

Just 47,000 square meters smaller than the New Century Global Center, Dubai International Airport T3 is one humongous place. What’s interesting about it is that it is for one airline only: Emirates Airline. With its size, it can accommodate more than 70 million passengers per year.

So what’s inside? Of course the arrival and departure area, the hub for Emirates A380, passenger lounges, check in area, shopping outlets, restaurants, spas, and a hotel. We think we can live there. 

3. Abraj Al-Bait Endowment

Coming in third is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Abraj Al-Bait Endowment that houses KSA’s version of the Big Ben, Makkah Royal Clock Tower, which is also the tallest structure in the country and the fourth tallest in the world. Its floor area is 1,575,820 square meters.

Just like the China’s Global Center, this endowment is a set of different buildings: hotels, residential areas, prayer rooms, parking spaces, bus station, and so on. It is another convenient place to live in.  

4. Aalsmeer Flower Auction

Photo Credits: AFP 2016/ ANP REMKO DE WAAL

The fourth on the list is in Holland, a floral market with about 990,000 square meters. And what can you see in a floral market? Flowers, yes! It houses about 20 million flowers daily or about 12 billion annually. Aside from the flowers loaded in carts, baskets, and other storages, it also has the auction room where the flower trading happens.

That must be one sweet-smelling place. 

5. The Venetian Macau

At number 5 is one of the world’s most famous resort-hotels with 980,000 square meters. Travellers to this area cannot ignore the scenic designs of the roofs and the Venetian-styled buildings and canals.

It also houses an indoor shopping mall, casino, restaurants, and theaters. But despite all the activities and sights in the place, it is the casino that makes it standout.

6. Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3

Coming in at number 6 is China’s busiest airport, Beijing Capital International Airport T3 with 968,000 square meters. 

As with other international airports, it has banks, ForEx, lounges, and parking lot. But what’s even more interesting is that there are children’s play area, a nursing room, post office, and water fountain.

It could be a nice place to get stranded.

7. Sands Cotai Central

Another entry from Macau is situated just across the Venetian Macau, the Sands Cotai Central. It is about 890,000 square meters and houses casinos, hotels, conference rooms, restaurants, gaming facilities, and so on. It functions much like the Venetian Macau, except for the Venetian-inspired aesthetic features. 

8. CentralWorld

Next in lines is Thailand’s mega shopping complex, and the Bangkok’s largest shopping center, CentralWorld. With a total area of 830,000 square meters and 550,000 square meters of shopping and retail space, we don’t think you can go around it in just one day.

Its design is inspired by the street-shopping concept where customers can easily see the storefronts at a glance. Aside from this, it also boasts of natural light from the open walls and glass roof.

9. Berjaya Times Square

Built in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the world’s 9th largest building at 700,000 square meters also has the world’s 13th largest shopping mall. It also houses indoor theme park, offices, hotels, residential buildings, and others.

We think that we will never get bored in this place. 

10. Central Park Jakarta Complex (Pomodoro City)

To complete the list at number 10 is again from Southeast Asia, the Central Park Jakarta Complex. It has a floor area of 655,000 square meters and is located in, that’s right, Jakarta, Indonesia. As the name suggests, this place is also not a sole building but a combination of shopping malls, hotels, residences, office towers, and, of course, parking space.